One-off with two of the characters from my novels.


Tallyn jumped as the lump on the ground suddenly moved and Aliya sat up.


Oh, Tallyn. You scared me.”


Tallyn sheathed his knife and looked down at her.

Why are you laying on the ground?”

I'm star gazing.”


Look up, Tallyn.”


He tipped his head and was caught by the sheer expanse of glittering specks. As far as he could see, high and wide, encompassing his entire view, masses of stars winking gently down at them. By his side, Aliya was hugging her knees to her chest, swivelling her gaze from the sky to Tallyn's captivated face.


Sit down, Tallyn.” she reached up and tugged at his hand. He sat down with a thump, his head tilted back so far, he'd get neck ache. Aliya stifled a laugh and rested her head on his shoulder so she could look up easily. Unthinkingly, Tallyn pressed a quick kiss on her forehead and felt her body stiffen against his. He froze instantly, his lips still touched to her forehead.


They were silent for a while.



Yes?” Tallyn whispered, lifting his face to stare unseeingly at the stars.

Look at me, Tallyn.” Aliya turned so she was facing him, her eyes nervous as she looked up at him.


He met her golden eyes and her lips trembled slightly.


Then, they were blindly crushing their lips against one another's, hands grasping at clothes and running through soft hair, across tender skin.


They lay back in each others arms and stared up at the sky as Aliya asked in a low voice,


Care to stargaze with me tomorrow?”

The End

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