A girl gets a pony for her 12th birthday and she names it Stardust.

Today is the best day of my life it's not just any old birthday i'ts my 12th birthday i'm aloud to get my very own pony i'll get name it,feed it,groom it and best of all RIDE IT!. My mum got it yesterday but i didn't get to see it yesterday of course buttoday i will. My birthday is in december so it's snowing like MAD here in Ireland oh and my name is Jenny (short for jennifer).I live with my mum,my dad and my older brother whos called jack and is 15 and my older sister whos called milly and shes 13 in a small house in the countryside of ireland. I was waiting for this day since i was 9 my brother and sister all ready have a pony each my brothers is midnight a black troublesome horse and my sisters is a sweet white pony called Lucky! i can't wait to name my pony.My mum came down in a dressing gown with my dad by her side "sorry jenny but were snowed in today and it won't stop snowing so we'll have to wait to the evening" she said i tried not to look that disapointed but all could think of was my pony freezing to death in are stables with no hay or water or food so to take my mind of it i went to open my other presents.I got a story book about a girl and her pony from my sister, a camera from my sisterbrother, knitted jumper (ugh) from my gran and some poster of ponies from my mum and dad . At school i told people i was getting a pony but they didn't believe me i can't wait to show them it when shes ready!i also invited them to my party tomorrow everyone said yes!.When i got home my mum said the snow had cleared a enough for me to see my pony! YAY!!!!!!!!!!. it was all ready dark so i grabbed the nearest torch and ran out into the snow.

The End

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