She’s so confident. The way she walks in and goes straight to the bar alone. She acts as though we’re not here, or that she doesn’t care if we are. I know that deep down she does, but she never lets it show. She gets her drink, a cider, and walks casually over to where we’re sitting. She takes a seat next to me on the sofa. She could have sat on the chair across from us. She’s doing this on purpose. Now we’re all sat awkwardly in a line. Sophie, then me, and then her. Skyler. Such a pretty name... She places her hand next to mine on the velvet green pool-table-like fabric of the sofa. Sparks ignite in my stomach. Butterflies. Explosions. A second has barely passed since she sat down but to me it feels like an eternity. I look up and her eyes find mine. For a brief second I forget where I am, I forget that anything else exists. It’s just her and me.

“HEY PAL!!” Sophie shouts, and I crash back to reality. The loud music in the bar returns. Drunken laughter and the clattering of glasses. For a beautiful moment I almost forgot that I’m here to pretend to be friends. 

The End

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