I sat in the middle of the circle, my hands crossed over my chest. Lily chants in the familiar language that I learned was Angelic. Three candle burned at the edges of the circle, giving off sweet smelling smoke. Lilly stopped chanting and puts her hand on my forehead. Her eyes closed, and then opened, glowing with divine light.

"Wake up Celeste," she ordered, her voice layered with deep overtones speaking in angelic.

I felt the power entering my body. Imagine an adrenaline rush that spikes and then lasts forever, giving you enough power to change the positions of the stars in the sky, the weather, and to create life. That’s what the power felt like. I gasped and the scene changed. I saw my father standing before me in an ancient temple.

"So, the problem is awake again," he sighed, "Welcome back, Daughter."

I had questions to ask, but I snapped back into consciousness and was interrupted. Lily looked at me moving a light across my eyes.

"Good, no injuries," she questioned, "Did you see your parent? Recall any locked memories?"

"Y-yes," I stuttered. I recalled ever single moment in every life I had.

"Is she ok?" Sam asked through the door.

"I’m fine," I reassured him.

Lilly’s face contorted into a look of shock, and Sam breaks into a laugh. I looked at them incredulously, unsure of why my response was so funny. They must have read my expression, because they returned their expressions to normal.

"He was speaking in Angelic," Lily explains, "and you responded in the same language."

"A completely natural transition to your native language," Sam added, "is extremely rare. In fact, looking at you, I think you might have access to your full power already, another sign that you are the StarChild. But you still need training. Meet me outside."

I stood up and balanced myself, surprisingly stable for having just changed races. I felt wings on my back and opened them, tearing the shirt I was wearing. My wings were 13 feet long each and covered in golden feathers with black stripes. I folded my wings back up with a swish and opened the door. I walked three steps out the door when I felt unusual drop in the air pressure.

"Uriel," I heard Sam gasp, "Celeste watch out!"

I felt something grasp me from behind and whisk me away. I watched the world blur beneath me and struggled to pull free. I was set down in an arid desert that I remembered as being Israel and looked around for my kidnapper. I searched for several minutes and then sit down on the ground.

"Hello Celeste," I heard an angel’s melodious voice yip.

I turned around to the sight of a young, winged boy wearing white robes. He had light brown hair, pale green eyes, and an elven face that identified him as an angel.

"Why did you take me here?" I growled, hostility instinctively taking hold.

"My name is Uriel, thank you for asking," he snipped, "And you are here because Heaven cannot let the only child of Lumiel live."

"Why?" I queried, attitude flavoring my voice.

"Because if you redeem the Nephilim, you upset the balance," Uriel replied, "and you give the Fallen hope. If their children are redeemed, the Fallen ask why they are excluded. That would lead to a second rebellion, and Heaven could not survive, leaving humanity vulnerable. We cannot risk that."

"And you are telling me this because I will be dead soon?" I guessed, quietly picking up a rock.

Uriel opened his mouth to respond, and I charge at him. He pulls a sword out of thin air and slashes my torso open. I lay bleeding out on the desert ground for a few seconds as Uriel disintegrates the sword.

"I am going to make the sun burn 100 degrees hotter," Uriel informed me, "It will cause you corpse to decay faster. Nowhere else will be affected. Goodbye Celeste."

Uriel disappeared and the shadow of an angel passes over me for just a second, and he is gone.

The End

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