The room we entered was aggravatingly plain, with white walls and industrial carpet. One wall was lined with gray server banks, and a double monitored computer was pushed up to the opposite wall. A dark haired, preteen geek sat in a chair in front of the computer. There was a definite resemblance to Sam, and I realized that the two were brothers.  His face lit up with childlike excitement when he saw me.

"Elle, this is my brother Zane, the developer of COTS, and our resident IT," Sam informed me with a tone in his voice that told me that this was an annoying little brother.

"So, the legends about the StarChild are true? You found her?" the young Zane’s jumped up and looked at me like a specimen, his eyes growing wider as he spoke, "I cannot believe you found our sa-"

"Zane-" Sam began, finishing the sentence in a language that somewhere in my mind I knew, but couldn’t understand consciously.

"Oh," Zane sounded disappointed, "She is only here for the blood test," he looked at me, "Hold out your left hand."

I did and Zane procured a needle, pricked my finger, took three drops of blood and poured them into a hole on a device connected to the computer. A window appeared with the word ‘processing’ blinking on and off on the monitor and it was several seconds before the words ‘1 match found’ appeared.

A profile screen appeared and the computer read the words, "Name: Celeste StarChild. Father: Lumiel. Role: Nephilimic Messiah."

The picture on the screen was my own, and I understood most of the info on the screen. But I did not recognize the name of my father.

"Who is my father?" I interrogated them.

Zeke clicked on the name of my father and another profile flashed. The picture showed the angel that I had summoned, but made of flesh and not threads of light.

"Angelic Name: Lumiel," the computer monotoned, "Common Name: Lucifer."

The world blurred around me, went quiet and I felt numb. I knew that the other Nephilim were trying to talk to me, but I was unable to hear their voices. I felt myself walk towards the door, stumble, and a fall down. The world went slowly black as my mind shut down.

I woke up in my bed with Sam watching over me. I looked at him and he comfortingly smiled. I sat up and for several moments, we were both silent.

"So," I began.

"You aren’t evil" he reassured me, "The Nephilimic Messiah will redeem the Nephilim from the sins of our parents. You are the opposite from our fathers, who dammed us. You are the only hope for our race. I have searched for you my entire life."

I laughed and realized that every word he said was true. I was nothing like my father. I had compassion, empathy, and love, things he would never have again. I would help the Nephilim, my family, become redeemed.

We got up and Sam drew the portal to the room. We went through to every one waiting for us. The looks on their faces told me that they were happy that I was alive. I smiled back at them and walked over.

"Now what do I do?" I asked them.

"Well, we have to awaken your latent abilities," a raven haired girl responded, "And awaken your wings." I realized that this was the Lily that Sam had mentioned.

"Let’s get on with it," I exclaimed, "After all, if I really am Celeste StarChild, you are depending on me."

The End

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