I didn’t talk to Sam for two days. Even though he was my best friend, he had committed a taboo. He had apologized time after time for probing to far, but I need time to forgive someone. It was awkward for about a week after we started talking again, but we had the uncanny ability to not stay angry at each other. The incident made us grow closer as friends, but we never crossed into Boyfriend/Girlfriend territory. I now realize that he was trying to save my life.


"The slaughter of millions of Jewish people in German…" My history teacher droned on and on.

It had been two weeks since me and Sam had gotten back together when things got weird. Satanist Graffiti started popping up at school with the names of Sam and I mentioned several times. We had to assure our parents and school staff that we were not part of a cult/the illuminati, but the student gossip still spread through the school like wildfire. To protect me, Sam started to walk me to class, and included me in his geeky, eccentric group of friends. I was gladly welcomed by the other kids, who were just as weird and funny and smart as I was. I felt more at home with them than I ever did with my earlier friends, and I was counting the seconds until I could spend more time with them.

"What do you want to say, Kevin?"

My teacher’s voice broke me out of my reverie. I looked at Kevin, who had been raising his hand for 15 minutes at that point. He bared all his teeth in a grin and leaned forward.

"I think," he purred, his voice awakening primal fears in my brain, "That the Jews deserved to be massacred."

The entire class was aghast. Kevin normally was the most kind and compassionate student in class, inviting the unpopular kids to his bar mitzvah.

"Kevin," a girl gasped, "what are you doing?"

Kevin’s blue eyes changed to a golden yellow and he laughed.

"I think you all deserve to be massacred," he screamed, "Especially the half human harpy."

Kevin’s body was torn to shreds by the gigantic monster that crawled out of him. The thing could only be described as a demon, with a turtle-like body, canine head and a barbed tail. Surprisingly, my first instinct was to attack the creature, but fear rooted me in place. The demon roared and sprung to attack the girl who had spoken out. It jumped on her, biting and clawing. She was killed upon impact, her breath leaving her in a strangled cry. The demon seemed to smile and began to feast upon her corpse. I knew I was going to die.

At the edge of my vision, I saw three figures speed towards the demon. The blurs attacked the demon, causing long cuts to appear on the demon’s body. One particular blur turned into the image of one of my friends wearing leather armor. She shot a few arrows into the demon with the bow she was holding and shimmered back into a blur. The demon gave a sudden scream and one of the blurs jumped away from the creature’s head. The demon’s head fell off, and one of the blurs materialized and thrust his sword into the ground. He smiled at me and it was several seconds before I recognized him. It was Sam.

I took a few steps back and looked into my best friend’s smiling face. The other blurs materialize into every single one of my friends. My mind failed to process what had just happened before my eyes. I tried to stutter out something, anything, but I was too shocked. The world seemed to spin and I fell to my knees, rapidly blinking. I sat up, put my head between my knees, closed my eyes, and let the world slow to a halt.

"Don’t worry," Sam assured me, his voice seeming distant, "Your reaction is normal."

I struggled to speak for a few minutes and then gasped out a single question: "What are you?"

I felt Sam’s smile turn into a grin. The image of him in the silvery field as he saved my life flashed through my head and I remembered the words that he had said as he ran towards me: "Leave your daughter alone". I quickly realized the truth and amended my question.

"What are we?" I asked, my voice growing stronger.

"We are Nephilim," he revealed, "the race that was created when angels bred with humanity. We are stronger, faster and smarter than any human. We live longer, can endure more, and heal quicker than humans. Our souls were created thousands of years ago, in the time of Grigori, the fallen guardian angels, our first lives were slaughtered by angels and we have been born in mortal body after mortal body. But you are someone I haven’t seen in a very long time."

Somehow I was able accept the glut of new information without any problem. I knew that if any other person received news that themselves and every friend they had weren’t human, they would have mentally shut down and gone crazy. I still had questions.

"Who is your parent?" I inquired to Sam.

"My father was the leader of the second rebellion, Samyaza," he told me, "You can instantly tell who the parent of any Nephilim is by their name. It will sound similar to the angel’s domain or role and/or name. For example, Lily’s mother is Lilith. Duke’s father is a duke in Hell. It was originally put into place so that the Fallen would not mistake the child of a relative for one of their own, but it helps with identification."

"So which angel has a name similar to Eleanor?" I queried, "Who is my parent?"

The Nephilim smiled at each other as if I had just mentioned an inside joke.

"We have no idea," the small blonde archer lied, "we can find out, though."

Anyone could have seen in their faces that they were lying. They knew who my parent was and were keeping the truth from me until they were certain I was an ally. I looked into Sam’s eyes and nodded.

"I want to know," I repeated.

Sam looked at the other Nephilim and then back to me. He walked to a clear spot on the wall, took out a black marker, and drew a door. Sam pushed the door open and the Nephilim walked through. He waved his hand and I entered, taking a final look at my former life.

The End

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