"Padawan Kedar, we will arrive in about ten minutes."

"Thank you corporal."

The republic gunship flew slightly above the countryside. Two clones stood guarding the left side, and two clones stood guarding the right. The pilots had the radars activated in case the insurrection forces would try to take them down. Kedar sat in the middle of the gunship looking at his lightsaber. He didn't activate the blade, but he just played around with the hilt.

Then suddenly the clones heard a noise, and then they saw a blue light heading directly for the gunship.

“Missile! Evade! Evade,” one of the clones shouted.

But by the time the pilot had heard the clone yelling, the gunship was hit. Padawan Kedar was knocked unconscious as the gunship hit the surface of Bethael.The screeching sounds of the gunship engine rang through his ears, as did the screams of the clone troopers as they felt their demise approaching. Then silence…

When the padawan had awoken, he saw his fellow clone troopers unconscious on the ground, and he also saw men standing above the clone troopers. Kedar couldn’t make out their faces, but he could make out the blasters that they held in their hands. One of them pointed the blaster at a clone trooper near a wrecked gun, and then the trigger was pulled…


The clone made so sound. If he did make a sound then the blaster noise covered it. Kedar felt around for his lightsaber, and when he had grasped it firmly in his hands, he leaped upon the men, and he began to slash them to bits. He cut the blaster of the murderer in half, and then Kedar stabbed the murderer in the stomach. Then when the other three men pulled out their blasters, Kedar used the force to pull them out of their hands. There was no mercy. Kedar slashed one in half. Kedar slashed another’s head off. Kedar slashed off another’s arms, and when the armless man kneeled on the ground, and when the armless man begged to be spared, then Kedar slashed his head off. The thought occurred to him that perhaps he should have shown mercy to the armless man, and he took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry,” he said.


It is not known whether he meant his apology to be intended for the men he cut apart. It is not known whether he meant his apology toward the clone that he acted too slowly to save, the dear corporal.

Kedar pulled out a holomap, and he looked for the location of the city. It would be a bit of a hike to get there, but it isn’t as if Kedar actually had a choice. Kedar picked up his feet, and he began to move towards the capital.

The End

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