The Trade Federation battle droids pecked and tapped on their keyboards, as they have for weeks now. Factories need attendants. Factories need conveyor belts to be watched. Factories need supervisors and attendants. Factories also need security guards. Of course these battle droids were blissfully unaware that their factory was currently being attacked by a Jedi and several squads of clone troopers, but even if they had known, they would still be there, typing and pecking.

Then suddenly they heard a noise behind the door that lead to their security room. They heard a ticking noise. They heard a sound that clicked and clicked until it got faster and faster. The battle droids looked at the door for a few seconds of curiosity, and when the ticking had stopped the droids had resumed their business, as they usually do on days that they aren’t being attacked.

Then the door blew up.

A jedi jumped into the room and began slashing away at the droids with his orange lightsaber, and several clones charged into the room and began blasting. The jedi dashed from corner to corner, slashing off the heads of battle droids as they fell within the saber’s reach. Clones fired their blaster rifles at the droid operators and the engineers, and by the time the security droids had arrived, half the staff was dead, and then the clones popped a few bolts into the patrols droids as well.

The jedi, Kedar, turned his lightsaber off, and then he began to look at the computer consoles. He gestured for a clone to come over, and then he politely asked, “I think I remember seeing this in a play. We check the computer’s for data and information right?” The clone let out a sigh, “there’s more to war than what you see in plays Padawan Kedar.”

“Can you atleast get an engineer down here to see if something could be done with these computers?” Kedar asked.

“Sure, I’ll get right on that.” the clone responded.

“You clones are always so much fun,” Kedar joked.

The End

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