the three republic gunships moved across the surface of Bethael. I suppose if I were to describe it in terms of us earthlings in our own galaxy far far away, I would say, "think Mars".  

The surface of the planet didn't have much going for it, looks wise. No trees, no vegetation, no plants. Only rocks littered the surface, rocks on bigger rocks, tinted with a red color. A purple color permeated the sky, and two blue suns in the distance provided the very little amount of heat that this planet got. The only reason this planet was used for anything at all was the minerals under the surface, minerals that could be used for weapons and droids, for example. 

The padawan Kedar absorbed the scenery while the clones behind him checked their weapons.

"Are we there yet?" Kedar asked.

"Didn't your master teach you patience?" one of the clones asked.

"Oh they certainly tried," Kedar replied.

"We're coming up on one of the factories now," said the pilot.

The Jedi and the clones could see the factory in the distance. It wasn't exactly the most impressive piece of architecture they ever saw in their lives, but, even if it was, it wouldn't stop them from tearing it down. 

The gunships began firing at the direction of the factory, and Kedar readied his lightsaber. His gunship flew over the factory, and then Kedar himself dropped down. He dropped on a walkway that was ,coincidentally, also being upon by a Trade Federation battle droid who ,ever so politely, pointed his gun at the jedi and said, "freeze". The Jedi replied by holding his hands up, and then using the force to pull the droid right into the Jedi's own lightsaber. Kedar then turned the lightsaber on, with the droid saying "uh-oh"

A gunship landed behind Kedar. The clones walked up to him with their blaster rifles, as they waited for orders.

"Burn it to hell boys," Kedar said. 

The End

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