During the Clone Wars, a Republic cruiser approaches the planet Bethael to investigate a trade federation business venture.

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It's not exactly what he had expected. A padawan learner being in command of a small republic ship, but nonetheless, the numbers of Knights and Masters throughout the Order was dwindling, and this operation didn't seem so critical to the war effort.

The doors to the bridge had opened, and he walked in. A republic captain stood watching, as a planet in the distance became closer and closer.

"Padawan Kedar," he said.

"at ease, captain," the Jedi joked," What can you tell me about the situation?"

"Your masters didn't tell you?"

"Something about Bethael, something about the trade federation, but they didn't tell me much more then that," the jedi spoke in a rather tired tone.

 The captain calmly stated, "The Trade Federation has setup droid production factories on the surface of the planet. Apparently they intend to help the local resistance topple the current government."

"And they want to take down the government with battle droids?" the jedi asked.


"Lovely," the jedi joked, "Do you know where the droid factories are?"

"Yes." the captain stated.

"Okay, can you get some a few squads of clone troopers to help me hit the factories?"

"Wouldn't you rather have us bomb the factories from orbit?" the officer asked.

The Padawan pulled out his lightsaber, but he didn't turn the lightsaber on.

"I prefer the up close and personal approach," he said.

The padawan Kedar then went back to his personal quarters. He tinkered with the saber a bit with a few of his own personal tools, and then he turned it on.

The blade emitted an orange light around it. Most jedi preferred blue or green sabers, but Kedar was vain and always wanted to be original. He realized that his vanity would probably kill him one day, but he didn't feel too concerned about that. About ten minutes later a clone walked into his quarters.

"Are you ready sir?"

"Yup Yup," Kedar said as he looked at his glowing saber.

The End

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