Star wars: The Ewok Exile Chapter 2

That day Waka headed down to the market to see if anyone had seen his sons. Once I arrived at the market groups of every species in the galaxy horded around one single stall. With The curiosity of an Ewok Waka obviously found it hard to resist. He headed over and walked between the crowds until he reached the front. There he found a Chiss Merchant being beaten by 2 Troopers. I jumped from the crowd and stepped forward.

“Excuse me Young troopers may I please ask you to step away” He said. The troopers turned around and began to laugh “An Ewok who speaks galactic” they continued to laugh. I signalled the chiss to run but he wouldn’t. The first trooper stepped forward and kicked me in the chest Waka fell to the ground and shuddered. He peered up at him and began to act Defenceless feeling all might they began to beat Waka. The Chiss finally rose “Leave him” They turned around and began to laugh “Did you hear him talk to us like that” they walked towards him and in one swift movement the troopers collapsed.

He came to me and offered me a hand. but in defiance Waka revealed His Exile Mark. He looked at Waka and said "I know Waka Do you not remember me i am Master Toolomi" The name Danced around in waka's head hitting every memorie inside after a few secounds of complete silence waka stood up. "Master Toolomi I remember you now The man who found me on my home planet and took me to the jedi accademy. You are responsible for collecting Force sensitive Youngings what are you doing here?" He looked at Waka in shock. "You did not no that the council took your sons for training" Wakas eyes began to water. The tears ran down soaking into his newly found wounds. Waka grabbed his light sabre "Leave this planet now or Forever regret it" Master Toolomi laughed and drew his lightsabre His was a pale blue lightsabre much longer then most. since the Chiss race are usally tall people they must have a sabre to fit there body.

Waka Pressed the buttons on his light sabre revealing a double sided Light sabre. the handle was made from wood from his Elder tree and was much more powerful then most. he lunged forward spinning in mid air. Master Toolomi deflected him off with ease. Toolomi then ran at Waka And pulled waka torwards him waka deflected the first few hits then force pushed toolomi into a nearby booth.

Toolomi jumped 10 metres into the air and landed with allagence. Waka charged forward and flipped repeatedly in the mid air and came down apon Master Toolomi Slashing his Handle in half. master toolomi dropped to his knees and surrended.

The End

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