Star Wars: An Ewok Exile Returns

When Ex-Jedi knight Waka Wikit hears that his sons where recruited by jedi after sending them to retreve there own light sabres. Waka is outraged and goes on his journey to defeat His old jedi master, Master Zooloki.

His eyes opened like they had a million times before. The same old routine kept him feeling normal. Even though the scar of an exile was shown on his arm people didn’t seem to notice. His name was Waka as a young Ewok he was sensitive to the force. The most sensitive from his hole class, out ranking the others made him the Successor of Master Zooloki making him allegeable for his position when he passed but that would have taken longer than Ewoks lived. After trying to assassinate Master Zooloki in his sleep he was Caught and casted out to the outer rims of the universe. Now since the Sith had gained power once again Thanks to Darth Moon and the ever ancient Emperor. The Jedi were in hiding many Sith patrols had picked up Waka for his force sensitivity but with one flash of his scar they left him and his family to be.

Waka had been training his sons himself now that they were teenagers they where to go and get there light sabre crystals and create their own. Of course Waka aloud them to take their training light sabres for protection but they may not be enough if Sith where to come. Waka looked out the window of his hut hoping to see his sons in the distance.

The End

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