The Time Is Now

Alexs' eyes opened as he focused upon the lights his hand snapping to his eyes to protect them from the brightness

                        "Computer time” Alex said slowly

                        "The time is eleven forty five hours" Replied the computer in its usual monotone

Alex rose slowly pulling his jersey off and dropping it back on the couch reaching into the cupboard for a fresh one quickly running his hands through his hair before exiting his quarters and back up toward the turbolift.

                        "Deck one Bridge" he announced upon entering

A moment later the doors slid open and the young lieutenant quickly announced

                        "Commander on the bridge" as the whole bride crew rose and turned to face the new Commanding Officer

                        "At ease" Alex replied quickly, slowly the crew returned to their seated positions

Alex nodded as he glanced about the Bridge layout was of simplicity in front of the view screen the combined Helm Conn console, to the right the Security Tactical station, to the left the Operations Console a little way around the circular layout midway between the Ops and Helm console was the Science station along the back wall either side of the Turbolift doors was the Engineering console including the large display of the Explorer. Between the Turbolift and the command deck, which was slightly raised, ran a dividing rail. Alex moved left and passed the Tactical Console nodding to the young lieutenant who was stationed there.

Alex stood in front of the command chair adjusting his jersey slightly before his voice carried over the bridge a firm yet lesser commanding tone

                        "Helm one quarter impulse  ... take us out"

                        "Aye sir" Replied Lieutenant Grey

                        "Engage" Alex said firmly

The running lights of the USS Explorer flickered to life one by one illuminating key parts of the ship, as the forward running strip powered up illuminating the registration plate, in bold black it was now as clear as could be, USS Explorer NX 81983.

Slowly the ship began to edge forward clear of the docking facility, and floated majestically in the vast void of space, the sun bounced from the hull plating creating a shadowed effect, as the crew had their eyes on the view screens Alex couldn’t help but smile gently to himself for a moment.

            “Helm lay in a course for Starbase 19 and standby”

            “Course laid in Commander” Grey replied calmly

Alex looked about the bridge for a moment then looking back to the main viewer and taking his last look at home, and one final thought he knew it was time, this was where his legacy began a new chapter.

The End

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