Captain On Deck

He has been command of a brand new ship, he's new to this but a fine engineer, follow a new crew and new legacy

He awoke with a start his eyes a deep almost emerald green, though this was unnatural for a human many would argue he had a weird quality about him. But today was to be a memorable day, today, as he quickly and rather abruptly remembered was the day he was due to take command of the Federations newest and most technologically advanced starship.

He sat slowly as he glanced about in the dark as far as he could tell all was well, slowly he pulled himself to his feet and scrambled out of bed, he now knew what was bothering him, he was at least an hour late already, a moment stumbling in the dark he finally snapped,

                        “Computer lights”

A small chirp then a flicker as the neon strips threw intense light into his apartment, his eyes adjusted quickly and he moved to pick his jersey from the floor. Pulling it on he moved toward the door slipping his feet into his boots. He exited his quarters and tore up the corridor toward the docking bay. He was due to depart at eight hundred hours using the runabout Rio Vantia and as far as he could tell he was already late and not daring to ask the computer for the time for fear of how late he actually was.

He skidded to a halt in front of the Docking Bay doors punched his access code into the console and the doors slid open slowly, only to be met by a high sharp voice.

                        “About time Commander”

                        “Sorry Admiral... I um .... over slept sir” he replied rather sheepishly

The Admiral a rather short and balding old man looked him over quickly before stepping aside to reveal the name plate of the Runabout he stood in front of, the name plate red USS Rio Vantia NCC 11189. The access hatch slid open slowly and the Admiral ushered him aboard.

                        “Alex” He said shortly

                        “Yes sir?”

                        “Good luck and congratulations” an almost reluctant tone carried within the Admirals voice, yet his words seemed final and resolute as Alex hit the panel to close the hatch.

He turned slowly to be met by three female figures, one of whom he was sure he knew and yet remained silent as he moved to the pilots seat. Alex slid down into the seat firmly buckling the clips. His hands flitting over the console rather calmly, the engines humming slightly as the runabout lifted from the launch pad and rose elegantly into the air arced high over the silver building then headed upward.

Slowly the Runabout climbed banking left as it rose into the clouds, after a few moments the Runabout cleared the atmosphere, the Runabout climbed rapidly, as the scenery of the earth rapidly dropped away to be replaced by Earth Dock as the Runabout was soon covered by a dark shadow, Alexs' hands altered course on the Helm panel dropping free of the shadow until for the first time in a while Alex was able to grab a glimpse, gleaming white in the undeterred sunlight, the plates marked brightly USS EXPLORER NX 81983, Alex opened the hailing frequencies with the touch of another panel control,

                        "Rio Vantia to Explorer, request docking instructions" He announced sharply

                        "Explorer to Rio Vantia, proceed to Shuttlebay 3" Replied a voice

                        "Affirmative Rio Vantia out" Alex replied softly,


Alex again tapped in the course adjustments on the helm panel and the Runabout descended slowly and then banked slightly right, as it arched above the engineering section, a solid blue line emanated from midway on the neck taking control of the Runabout drawing it gently toward a large opening drawing the Runabout into the Shuttlebay and touching down gently. Alexs' hands hit the controls gently as the lights flickered and the Runabouts systems began shutting down.

                        "Captain on deck" Snapped a voice

Alex stepped down from the runabout, as he looked around inhaling the fresh smell of newly commissioned Starship, breathing deeply as he uttered

                        "Actually it’s only Commander, Report Lieutenant"

The other crew descended from the runabout as the young woman looked at Alex a moment before speaking in a low and hurried voice, her tone seemingly flat and business like,

                        "All systems are operational, most of the test flight problems have been compensated for, structural integrity has been strengthened and main phasers have been re calibrated, impulse drives are operating at full capacity, the cloak has been installed, and the transwarp drive is onboard, installed but offline sir, Starfleet says we should test it if it becomes necessary"

Alex nodded silently taking the PADD he was being offered by the Lieutenant, and stepped away from the Runabouts access port as the three stepped from the Runabout.

                        "Lieutenant Samantha Grey, Helm sir" Reported the first

                        "Ensign Trelena, Engineering reporting for duty sir" The second said quickly

                        "Chief Medical Officer Madison O'Brien reporting for duty Commander" The third said softly


Alexs' attentions snapped from the PADD and looked at her a look of sheer shock as he looked her over a moment, slowly he swallowed and looked to her eyes

                        "Yes … welcome aboard” He muttered

She smiled and nodded as she moved passed him and exited the Shuttlebay, Alex looked after her a moment then back to the PADD, finally looking up to the Lieutenant and nodding.

                        "We depart at twelve hundred hours lieutenant" Alex said quickly turning on his heal and exited the Shuttlebay


Alex exited the turbolift and moved down the hall to the room hitting the panel as the door slid open. He stepped in and barked sharply

                        "Computer lights"

The room was thrown into illumination as the lights flickered on; Alex sighed as he sank down into the couch quietly and looked about.

                        "Computer begin log  ...” Alex said calmly

                        "Logging in progress" the computer replied

                        "Commanders log Stardate 2470104.39 ... First day aboard Explorer since she was commissioned nearly three weeks ago, the engineering team have worked tirelessly to prepare for tomorrows maiden voyage, it is harder than I expected I have never really been away from Explorer since the project began, nor have I really been out of Engineering since I joined Starfleet. Still it seems the surprises aren't yet over, I have concerns the project will be a failure or that perhaps the crew are a little too young, or too much is been asked of us, that or I’m thinking too negatively, which is infinitely more likely, Anyway the biggest surprise came upon my arrival aboard it seems our Chief Medical Officer is an old friend of mine Madison O'Brien, things could be interesting log end"

Alex lay back his eyes closing as he sighed heavily, his mind clearing for the first time in days.


The End

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