Arrival at X3YAlpha

The only thing that Pvt. Pensly could think about while on the small transport was his brother. The image of his little brother being engulfed in flames as his transport was destroyed, was torturing his mind. He had already gone to his parents house in Washington D.C, to break them the terrible news, and seeing the hurt looks on their faces made the loss that much more unbearable for him.

            The ship that Pensly was flying in was also carrying a couple thousand others who survived the battle, and they were on their way to a newly constructed military base, where the Elite Star Squadron was to be trained. As he watched the many floating cities pass out his window, he couldn’t help but think about his enlistment in the special program, and was having second thoughts about it. He read through the paper that had been given to those who enlisted, and knew that the boot camp was going to be extremely difficult. According to the form, they were required to go through seven months of intense training there, and if they passed they then had to go through another eight months of even harder training, at a new location. Passing the boot camp was going to take all of his strength, and brain power, for they were required to take written and oral tests on their knowledge of military tactics, and weapon use and safety.

            As the transport neared the base, men were beginning to gather their things, and were using the facilities before landing. After he was sure he had everything he brought, Pensly sat back down, and waited for the landing process to begin. The intercom began speaking, “Gentlemen, we are about to land in Base X3YAlpha. Please gather your belongings and begin making your way to the door. Thank you.” There was a small bump, and the men knew that they were there. The large transport doors opened, letting in huge amounts of sunlight, and everyone started to make their way down onto the ground.

            The base was enormous. 600 miles in circumference, and packed with barracks’ and training fields. There were enough weapons stored in the storage facilities to supply the entire United Lands army, and enough housing to fit twice that. Base X3YAlpha was at first intended to be a large city, but when the builders abandoned the project they allowed the government the land, and it was made into a high-tech military base.

            All of the new enlisters were rounded up outside of the base’s main HQ, and they were all given the names of their barracks, and a schedule for the training and classes. It was organized like a college, but for soldiers. Pensly’s barrack number was AC45, and luckily that was close to his assigned training ground and dining hall. He was also given a casual uniform, for regular classes and free time, a formal uniform, for assemblies and formal dinners, and of course his training uniform, a simple pair of baggy pants, and a white tank top. Unfortunately, everyone was only given one of each, so they either had to wash them frequently, or simply where them a lot. After the clothes were given, a pile of textbooks were given out as well. Titles such asLaser Weapons 101, andKnow your Own Plan: a Journey into Military Tactics. Pensly couldn’t help but wonder how much 12,000 books could cost, and how much tax money was going towards them.

            The barracks were organized in alphabetical order, and once the alphabet ran out of letters, it simply added a letter to the end. Since Pensly’s barrack was AC45, it was 29 across, and 45 back. It was obvious that there were too many barracks for the amount of people, but since the program was set up recently, that made sense.  It wouldn’t be long before more came.

            Pensly entered his barrack, and since he was last in, he was stuck with the old bunk in the corner. “It’s the year 2456, and they still don’t have decent bunks in the barracks.” He grumbled all the way to the corner, and set his things down onto it. There were around 400 people sharing the place with him, and only around 23 smelled decent. It was not even the first day and the entire living quarters smelled like an old pig sty. Everywhere, men were complaining about schedules, and the many hours of training that were required every day, and everyone was commenting on the amount of books they were required to study. After they were settled down, and they changed into their casual uniforms, it was around twelve at night, and many people yawned, some went to bed, and the rest started on reading their books. Pensly was one of those who stayed up to read, and after around half an hour of it, he put his books down, and drifted off to sleep.

The End

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