Star Squadron Elite

Taking place in the year 2400, the Earth is at war with the colonized Mars, and its ruthless leader Malicient.

He watched in silence and grimaced as the belligerent commander shouted order after order to the soldiers. Deep in his heart he knew of the jeopardy the attack would put them in, but stayed silent until it was time to move out. The invasion of Mars was about to commence, 900 million soldiers were about to die, and Pvt. Jack Pensly couldn’t do anything about it. The Martian military had grown since the war was declared, and Mars split from the Tri Union, and that hadn’t been taken into account when the invasion had been planned. That would be the downfall of the entire invasion party.

The transport ships opened their doors, cockpits of IGS’s (IndividualGunShips) opened for their pilots. 900 million marching boots and four hundred adroit pilots made everyone’s ears ring loudly, and nearly deafened a few, making it hard to hear commanders shouting orders to their regiments. Soldiers boarded their proper transports, and were ready for taking off in a matter of minutes. Many were averse to the invasion, and all were nervous, but nevertheless, they knew that orders were orders, no matter how idiotic they were. The doors of the transports were closed, and the IGS’s roared into life. All 900 ships carrying up to one million soldiers lifted off the ground, and the gunships sped off through the sky in a cursory fashion. Each transport rocked back and forth before, one by one, they leveled themselves out and began the descent into outer space. With the technology of wormhole manipulation devices attached to each vessel, it was easy for them to speed quickly through space to around thirty miles away from Mars. But the activation of miniature wormholes had to be done meticulously, so that the ship actually came out in the right spot. One-thousand brightly colored wormholes all appeared simultaneously, and the soldiers inside the transports had to prepare for the battle to come.

One by one, the ships of war came out of the wormholes, and picked up speed so as to make it to Mars before they noticed anything going on. In Pvt. Pensly’s transport, men were running every which way, giving and receiving orders, scrutinizing the ships radars, and checking laser rifles for any problems. The only thing that had to be done to prepare for the invasion was being told where each regiment would land. Since the people on Mars developed floating cities, just like the Earth, the population was great, as well as the military. The main target of the invasion was the floating cities, because taking over and destroying one would cause it to crash into the ground. That would give them a higher chance of the Martian dictator, Gregory Malicient, surrendering. 

As the armada began closing in on the planet, the radars in the ships began going insane with beeping. According to each one, there were a vast number of objects exiting Mars’s atmosphere simultaneously. As soon as the figures on the radar came into view out of the ships’ windows, the general leading the invasion retrogressed and realized that the future of the entire fleet would end in a great historical holocaust.

            Pvt. Pensly and a few men in his transport ran to the front window and gazed out on the horrific scene. Many thousands of enormous Martian gunships exited the atmosphere at menacing speeds. They were so many in numbers and size that the men couldn’t even see the bright red glow of Mars behind them. Suddenly, almost all at once, the entire fleet of IGSs and transports started to open fire on the enemy, spraying a rain of blue lasers at the tremendous force. That was when they began to return fire. The amount of fire power that pressed down of the Earth’s armada was too great, and the shields that were meant to momentarily protect the vessels, waned, and the warning alarms in the transport ships began to ring everywhere. Pensly and his regiment stood tall, and simply looked out the blue laser fire lighting up the main window, and wondered what dying would be like. Some of the men were running about, trying not to fall over as the transport rocked back and forth, being pelted by the enemy. Some were even sneaking into the below decks of the ship, trying to escape in the limited life pods, but most were caught and thrown in the prison cells.

            The shields finally gave way, and one by one the alarms became louder, screaming things like, “Please exit the transport in the life pods, shields are now down. Shields are now down.”

            The General in his flag ship simply sighed, sat down in his chair, and made a decision. He flicked on the intercom that would ring through every ship in his fleet. “The day is lost. Those of you, who feel as though you can escape, leave now. I am keeping the flagship here to distract the enemy fleet. You don’t have long, for soon my ship will be torn to pieces. Leave now!”

             After the message was received by the transport and IGS pilots, the real slaughter began. The remainder of the ships with shields finally lost them, and once they started up the wormhole manipulators, the enemy began launching electroshock bombs, which began setting the transports ablaze. Pensly’s ship was the first to turn all the way around, and fully warm up its WM, and soon after, a few others followed suit.  Before the wormhole was formed, there was a large explosion as a transport was destroyed, engulfing another, and setting at least fifty IGSs ablaze. Then it was finally complete, and the ship was ready to go back to the Earth.

            They came out of the wormhole around twenty miles from Earth, and all rejoiced for the great escape. Pvt. Pensly beamed as he was embraced by many of his comrades, and went to the window to see the rest who escaped. But, to his utter dismay, no other transports, or IGS’s arrived, and he sat down in chair and wept. What he feared the most out of the invasion had come true. His brother, Pvt. Fred Pensly, had not made it out alive.

            After his transport landed, and the ceremony was held for all of those who did not make it out, all of the survivors were called in for a secret meeting with the President of the United Lands (North America, South America, the Poles, and Europe), to discuss the failure of the Mars invasion.

“I know all of you must be wondering why I called you in today. As you may know, when you arrived at Mars for the attack, the entire Martian defense fleet was waiting for you. That was not supposed to happen. Your arrival was not supposed to be known. That is why, we believe, the only way this could have happened the way it did is if… one of us is a traitor, and informed Malicient of our plans. That is why, and I wanted you to e the first to know, we are starting a special branch of the military to stop this criminal, and crush the ever growing menace that is the Martian army. Only the best will go in, and only the best will come out. We shall name it… the Elite Star Squadron.”

The End

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