Star is Bright

A girl named Star finds herself fascinated by a boy she doesn't know at high school, and finds herself going through great lengths just to get his attention !

Damn it, why was he so beautiful?She had been thinking, while trying her best not to stare at the tall auburn-haired boy standing not five feet away from her locker.

The girl Star didn’t even know so much as the boy’s name, in fact the only things she had known about him were that his locker was plastered with video game posters and that he liked to drink from the same nearby water fountain after first period.

Unfortunately obviously neither could strike up any meaningful pleasing conversations.

All Star could do was stare a bit longingly at the boy’s youthful rounded face and beaded green eyes that had reminded her so much of her late father’s. Her father used to glance at her with those same eyes as he would tuck her into bed and read to Star her favourite Shakespeare stories. Star remembered not being able to take her eyes off her father and being able to hang on to every word from his strong loving voice.

But she might have been eight at the time, she had just turned sixteen the past month so as to how she was able to develop such childish adoration towards this stranger boy was beyond her comprehension.

“I saw you looking at him,” said a voice from behind.

 Star had flinched slightly at the sudden interruption of her thoughts but she had turned calm when she saw that it was just one of her dear friends, Lucy.

Lucy was a girl both at the envy and hate of many of the other girls at the high school for being to pretty for her own good. The way her long black hair swayed as she walked gracefully and the way her quite large breasts fit into her tight and often slutty clothing made many of the boys stop to catch a glance.

More importantly Star had flushed, was it really that obvious that she was staring at that boy? Even Lucy’s smile seemed perfect as she laughed at Star’s startled reaction.

“I...I wasn’t looking at nobody? Was just grabbing my books for History,” Starr replied. It was true that she had History next period, but it was laughable that she made even the slightest effort to find her textbooks buried into her locker. Lucy smiled, Starr could tell that her lie was caught.

“Oh please some of the boys would even notice you staring at Grayson, and I had to try my best to convince them otherwise to save you some embarrassment.”

Grayson?She thought. She finally knew his name and felt herself blushing a little.A pretty name for a gorgeous boy.

“Didn’t even know his name did you?” Lucy giggled, “Listen, I’ll admit that he’s cute and I’ll sadly admit your one of my best friends. So i’ll help you out.”

Star widened her eyes at the prospect, could she really help? Perhaps admitting her unfounded crush was worth the possibility of even a chance of getting to know him.

“How?” Starr asked suspiciously. Lucy only winked.

“Meet me at the mall after school and that’s where I’ll show you.”

“What are we going to-“

“You’ll see!” With that Lucy had dashed away at the sound of the fourth period bell. Starr turned around to see if Grayson was still standing over by his locker but he had already left. Disappointed to see him off Star went to her history class.

After class Star had made her way to the nearby mall where sure enough she saw Lucy waiting for her eagerly at the entrance to a clothing store. Star gulped, she knew exactly now what she was getting herself into knowing Lucy’s personality.

“Boy’s love it when girls look hot, you wear some of these clothes? Then just he won’t take your eyes off you,” Lucy said reassuringly.

They tried on some tight clothes and colourful bras and settled with some pairs. Star didn’t feel very sure about all of this but she felt that it was worth the effort to at least get Grayson’s attention; she didn’t even think he ever really cared to look at her. Lucy reminded her to put on much make-up to darken a bit of her complexion to get her to at least appear sexier.

Finished, Star and Lucy embraced and parted ways from the mall leaving Starr to head home carrying many bags of new clothing.

It was a Tuesday the next morning and she applied the make-up and dressed herself in the tight clothes newly purchased. The end result was that her eyes were now more shadowed and her clothes more revealing than her normal ones.

She found her way to school and couldn’t help but notice the look of boys she could even feel walking past them, a small part of her liked the attention but the majority part of her didn’t care. There was only one boy she was interested in at the moment.

Star approached her locker and saw Grayson standing by his own just talking to some of his friends. She wasn’t sure whether to feel shy over the fact that Grayson had gotten a gorgeous new  haircut or to feel upset and frustrated since he still hadn’t managed to look at her once, she even noticed his friends made quick glances but not Grayson.

Towards the end of the second period she realized that this plan hadn’t worked, and that all the sexy new clothes and make-up was for nothing.

She walked into her history class with her books in hand and nearly dropped them at the sight of Grayson sitting at one of the front desks, she soon found out that he had transferred without her knowing.

She found herself not even able to pay attention to the lecture because the boy had sat not two desks in front of her, yes she even thought the back of his head was attractive.

I’m so stupid,she thought.

“I saw you looking at him,” said a voice from behind her. Star made the same familiar flinch as before. It was her friend Rosie this time.

Rosie was one of the smartest girls in the school with short red hair and thick glasses that made her look very much innocent for her age. Nevertheless, was itstillthat obvious?

“I... wasn’t looking at nobody, just paying attention to the lecture,” Starr replied. Rosie winked at her.

“Sure you were, i’ll just let you know that I heard he’s into smart girls if you’re trying to grab his attention, wearing glasses would be a bonus.”

Smart girls?She thought to herself. If anything Star had believed that she was of average intelligence not exactly a straight-A student but still never really failed any academics.

Star went home that night reading into her history textbook and did her absolute best to try and memorize the next day’s lesson to at least appear smart on the subject, she had also found a pair of glasses that she found in her mother’s cupboard that would be suffice in adding to that illusion.

The next day she had walked into the history class with the glasses on her face and confidence about the lecture. She had made sure not to sit in Grayson’s immediate vicinity so as to not get too distracted and nervous.

Sure enough, the history class started and we discussed the repercussions of the First World War and every chance Star had she would raise her hand and explain what some of those repercussions were. Star could tell that many of her classmates were impressed but she was able to tell that Grayson was still not looking at her.

At that realization Star felt defeated, she felt like she tried everything she could to grab his attention but it just really wasn’t enough. She felt herself on the verge of tears as the history class had ended, and she only knew of one way where she could calm herself down.

She went quickly to the library and this time she wasn’t wearing any slutty clothes pretending to make herself an illusion to grab someone’s attention, this time she wasn’t wearing phony glasses and trying to memorize notes on a sheet of paper. No.

Instead she was simply sitting at one of the cubicles reading her favourite storyA Midsummer Night’s Dreamshe remembered her father’s voice getting cheery and loud as the more epic parts of the story had come about, each and every time she heard it she would be on the edge of her seat waiting for more.

“I see you looking at me sometimes,” a voice said behind her. Star didn’t flinch this time because she had now become irritated at the frequency of people sneaking up behind her nowadays.

“Okay! That’s it, I’ve had it with-“ Star’s voice had stopped short when she saw who it was.

It was Grayson standing over her with his gorgeous auburn hair and his familiar beaded green eyes now looking deeply straight into her own hazel eyes, Star was short for words at this moment but the boy had only laughed sweetly.

“Hey! I was only kidding, I just saw you were readingA Midsummer Night’s Dreamit’s my favourite book.”

“It...It is?”

“Of course. Can read it a thousand times and still love it.”

Star couldn’t believe what was happening, was she dreaming? Was she actually having a conversation with this beautiful boy? Nevertheless she found herself not as nervous and before she knew it they had carried on the conversation about the play for well over an hour, and ended with Grayson giving her his number.

Who could have known that what works the best to grab someone’s attention is not how slutty you dress, or how much brains you have in head, but what draws them is the bravery you show by just being yourself and only by being yourself will love follow you.

The End

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