Star Gazer

(To be decided)

All good things come to an end don't they?

It has to be true.  It simply has to be. It just has to.

But no, I know myself somethings carry on after they go, for example, a famous person who died, remembered by fans.

But one thing that carrys on, not only in the minds of people, is a star. Now stars are a long way off ,( apart from the sun), which means it takes time for their light to come to us, infact the light outside your window right now is 499.01225 seconds old.

And as I sit here on this cold, dewy hill in the middle of Suffolk, I stare at the beauty of the stars, that could have exploded 2 million years ago... Or is it imploded? I really should listen in school more often.

I guessed my Mum would be getting worried, i mean it was 5 to midnight, and i'm only 13. I slowly reared myself up, stretching slightly, I took one last look at the Crab Pulsar, a young neutron star located in the middle of the Crab Nebula. Well, by young i mean it was first seen in the year 1054, and it is 6500 light years away from planet Earth, meaning today it's a mere 7456 years old. Maybe it was sad that I knew this, and just as I was considering how much bullying i would get at school if I told someone that.

Then my phone rang.



The End

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