Star crossed lovers

two star crossed lovers... In the city of metropolis ran by a harsh dictator with strong beliefs of keeping robots and humans in their own classes; robots work for humans, or not at all. will this unlikely couples love survive?

  Metroplois is a poor old town in the year 3121

technology has reached a peak in success. but in the town of metropolis everyone uses"old fashioned" technology.

Greendown house.

"ANTHONY?!  WHERE ARE YOU?" anthonies mother called. she hobbled frantically picking up rubbage and throwing it  in a trash can. "Right here momma." anthony came out of his room and walked over to his mother. anthony loves his old mother, he doesnt like how stubborn she is though. she allways forces herself to do too much work.

"Anthony I'm goin to town to get a new android, our last one died." anthony's mother is very old and she cannot do everything by herself. Anthony tries to do his best but he never could get the house the way his mother would like.

"ok momma, ill stay here and watch sedrick."

"AWWW!" sedrick, anthony's little brother complained. He jumped off his chair and ran up to his mother over whelming her.

"CAN I GO PLEASE, PLEASE!" he begged.

"No, im gunna go, ill be right back." she waddled off to her air craft; in a blink of an eye she was gone.

"Sedrick, will you help me make dinner before momma gets home." although sedrick was young and rebelious, he admired his older brother. he did as he was told most of the time.

"What are we makin?"

"What'd you think?"

"Awwww...beans and rice again." he whined."When are we gunna eat real food?!"

"As soon as I get a new job sedrick. But for right now be glad we have beans and rice."

sedrick grabbed the big pot and filled it with water. anthony measured and poured the rice into the pot.

"I'm BACK!" anthony's mother yelled.

sedrick dropped what he was doing to greet the new android.

"WOW! you look so pretty! sooo much better then the last one!"

"Well thank you little one." she said in a metalic sweet voice. anthony noticed that her voice was unlike any other android, It was almost human. "momma how did you aford this android?"

"ah I have friends anthony...they just gave her to me, says she will help me alot."

anthony's mother bent down to pick up more trash. anthony complained inside his head how OCCD his mother was.

"57821, help me over here."called anthonies mother.

"Yes mamm." she nodded and walked over to the hunched over old lady.

anthony caught a glimps at the new droid. at first he thought she was just a pretty new model. then he caught a second look and he thought...maybe theres something differet about this one.

he watched the new android help his mother into her chair and continue to disinfect the house.

"ecuse me sir. greendown."she said. he moved over she nelt down and grbbed a bottle of cleaner.

"you can call my anthony, 57821."

"well, i dont know about you but i dont think numbers really count as a good name." she said.

"what did you want to call me then?"he asked.

"well my creature called me syndie mayweather." she curtsied and continued to clean the house.

"nice to meet you syndie."

"and you, now if you dont mind i must get back to work."

Anthony went to his mother and rubbed her old aching feet.

"momma you really should get a wheelchair. your too old to be walking anymore."

"I'll stop walking when im dead."

"momma your so stubborn your gunna kill yourself."

"we'll see."' she laughed,

anthony wasnt ammused at all. anthony wanted his mom to be pamperd and happy. but where he worked now doesnt give him alot.


The End

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