Don't Touch

"Tinnitus."  The doctor at the walk-in clinic proclaimed, interrupting Dave's description of his symptoms.  "It's a ringing in the ears caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises"  he added. 

Dave didn't appreciate the doctor's attitude.  He seemed to be jumping to a conclusion before he had heard all the details.  It wasn't a constant ringing, it had a kind of a pattern to it.  Before he could protest though, the doctor was reaching for instruments. 

"Let's take a look." he said, clicking on the light of his scope.  "You must listen to loud music, hmm?"  he said as he peered into Dave's ear. 

"Not really, I don't even..." Dave began, before he was interrupted again. 

"What's this?"  The doctor said, a little too loud.  "It looks like a little piece of metal of some kind... in your ear canal."  Retrieving some tweezers from his drawer, the doctor again peered into the side of Dave's head. 

The first thing Dave noticed was stars shooting in front of his eyes, then his field of view began to narrow; tunnel vision.  Next came a blinding white flash of pain.  It was more intense than anything he had ever experienced.  The next thing he knew, Dave was coming out of a fog.  It felt like hours later, but by the look of things, it had only been a few moments. 

The doctor was hiding behind a large black security guard, who had one hand extended in front of him, and one hand on his baton. 

"Are you alright?" the doctor asked hesitantly from his safe position.  "You nearly took my arm off." 

Dave still felt a little fuzzy.  "I.. I don't remember that." 

The doctor seemed a little bolder since Dave was acting rationally again.  "I barely touched that thing in your ear, and you went berserk.  I thought you were going to kill me."

The End

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