Standing On The Edge

He could rule the world. He saw it all before him, laid out like a treasured, beloved, dearly departed relative.  Laid to rest so that friends and family may come to grieve and revel in the beauty of death that lies beneath the surface of life, hidden but oftentimes brushing close to the surface so that a glimpse of it may be seen, and harked as a warning to not rush too gladly through this existence. 


Paused for a moment in this feeling and it would be easy to see how the direction of his topple could not be predicted. 


Which way, dark and death or light and life, or was that the wrong way round?  Thoughts cascading through his head, spilling out without room to contain them all, the universe decided for him.  Not strength or fiber enough in any mortal body to comprehend the vastness of this universe and each universe within that one and so on, for all time.


Depleted, drained, dead, decaying.  Let the land take him the universe whispered.  And the land did take him as it had all others who had tried to contain the universe within the confines of their skulls. As the universe had taken the body of a celestial giant eons ago and left nothing but this blue and green spherical skull behind to serve as warning for any others who tried to devour the universe and all its power for themselves.


Sadly mused the universe, some lessons are never learned.

The End

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