Waking up

Bree Williams:

3 months later.

I slowly opened my eyes just to be blinded by a bright light . I went to hold my arm up to cover my eyes from the light but my arm was caught on something. I sat up 1 inch or so before but stopped when I had a huge pain spread across my body and i fell back on the bed and sighing in pain and grimaced. Someone was immediatly there rubbing my arm.

"It's okay your in the hospital. I'll get the nurse right away" Said an errgant voice. I as in the hospital? I had to think about it for a second to remember why i would be in the hospital. The fight happened and i had been injured i remember that now. My leg stil hurt though so did my head. The person was back at my side then I had no clue who it was I could barely open my eyes. I heard footsteps enter the room.

“Well Bree it appears you are awake and will be for a while now” Said a lady. Must be the nurse I thought. I tried opening my eyes again but this time slower. Furtunatly it worker unfortunately not fully. Looked around at my surroundings. I was deffinatly in a hospital. There was no sight of anyone who could have been beside me.  There was a huge machine beside me… I wonder what that was for? I saw Vanessa in the bed across from me with a machine beside her too. She was sitting up and eating ice cream while watching some show on television. I looked at her and smile she looks fine except she had a band aid rapped around her head and her left arm was in a cast and she had a few needles stuck in her right arm too. She looked over randomly and saw me looking at her.

“Hey b!! I can’t believe your up I thought you were…. Well….. It doesn’t matter your fine now and awake” She went from overjoyed to sad to okay. What was she talking about she couldn’t believe I’m up?

“Well Miss. Williams I should let you know your injuries are healing you broke your leg4 ribs fractured your skull fractured your arm and have many cuts and bruises. I’ll go get the doctor and let him now your up then I’ll get you some ice cream from the kitchen” She started to walk out the door when she stopped and turned around,” I’m sorry to be so sudden towards you but I thought you should know” she gave me an apologetic look then proceeded down the hall. I collapsed back onto the bed again and sighed. This sigh was one of comfort and pain and relief mixed together. I opened my eyes again and looked over at Vanessa who was eyeing me closely.

“What happened?” I asked her

“You were attacked by him” She replied. “You were almost killed you have been in a coma for almost 3 months now, Bree” She looked sad. I looked over at Vanessa and gave her a is this true? Look. She nodded her head. 

I looked around again still no one in sight as far as i could see to who was sitting beside me.

“The police will want to talk to you and find out what happened” she said

“Why? I can’t tell them what happened exactly with out having to be admitted into the hospital again for being crazy!” I said in a loud voice

“I know, that’s why we have a story that we already told them. You’re going to have to lie and say you got attacked by a cougar” Vanessa replied this was getting out of control I just wanted to go home. I looked down at my hands to see that I too had needles in them. Great. Just great. That’s when a question accured to me to ask.

“So what are the huge machines for?” I asked looking at the one beside me

“Umm Bree?” Vanessa said warily,” You were in a coma. You couldn’t breath on your own. We both were on life support. “

“How long were you in a coma for?” I asked

“Less then you but not by much. I woke up a few weeks ago” She replied I nodded so many things were going through my mind. Was the night watcher dead? What day was it? What’s going to happen now? Did we still have our gift? Then another questioned jumped into my head and I needed to ask it too.

“What happened to Drake did they find him?” I asked she shook her head.

“No. Not yet atleast” She said it with sorrow overpowering her words.

I looked around again.  No one.  "Hey V?"

"Ya?"  She replied

"Who was just here? sitting beside me?  They said they would get the nurse but i nevver saw them.  Who was it?"

"What?"  She gave me her famous wtf? look, "There was no one here B.  I think your just imagining things."

“When do we get out of here?” I asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Soon only a few more months once our ribs heal and our skulls are okay we can go” She said she was getting happy knowing that we were getting out soon…

“And the Night Watcher?” It was the dreadful question but it needed to be asked

. Her head snapped up and she looked very happy.


The End

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