Bree Willams:


As we approached the forest my eyesight got worse in worse. Soon huge black dots evaded my vision and I could barely see. When we were almost at the forest we stopped. He was standing there waiting. Waiting for us.

“Hello. I’ve been waiting for you girls to come. So you have finally realized that you deserve to die and that I deserve your powers. Not you! Vanessa Den and Bree Williams come forth now!”

I swallowed and took a brave stand. “Sorry to ruin your plans but we are so not here to give our selves up to you!”

His smirk appeared on his face and I knew he thought his was a joke “We shall see”

He took a step towards us and I concentrated on him and were I want to send him flying. There was a huge rock over across the field that would work. I stared at him and then yelled “NIGHT WATCHER” I looked at the rock, “FLY THIS DEMON TO THE ROCKS!”

At that moment he went flying towards the rocks.

“Vanessa, keep him there!”

“Already on it” She replied. The Night Watcher struggled for a second then put his hand up and pushed it forwards me and Vanessa went flying back and hit the fence. I felt the drizzle of a warm fluid trickle down my face. This was so not good. He walked slowly towards us. He was not happy.


“No you didn’t choose this and it will only get worse. You don’t want these gifts they only cause problems. Me on the other hand I need these gifts they are mine to have and you will pay for taking them from me!!!” He replied still walking towards us. I got up and took four steps towards him and stopped, Vanessa followed.

“You know what? I don’t care what you think these are our gifts and they are ours to keep. You don’t need them you want them and guess what? You can’t have them!!” I screamed at him. I was officially passed off.

The smirk still plastered on his face fell a little bit but not much. “They are mine and mine to have like I have said time and time again. Death is your punishment and that’s what you will have just like your friends got too”

I was shocked. I knew it was him who killed them but I didn’t want to believe it so hearing him say it was a huge punch in the gut. I felt nauseated and dizzy.

“It was you! IT WAS YOU THE WHOLE TIME! Why? WHY?! Why would you kill the innocent?!?! They had NOTHING to do with this!” Vanessa yelled at him. Sounded like she wasn’t too happy either. I took another step towards him and started to focus the best I could I looked at the rock and imagined him flying into the rock. In reality he laughed.

“Your powers wont work on me any more I know what you can do and I have stopped the affects they would normally have on me” He said realizing what I was trying to do. He looked at us for a second then looked at the rocks and we went flying sideways into the rocks. I heard a few crunches and screamed out in pain as did Vanessa. My head hurt more and my entire left side was killing me. ’This was it’ I thought ’we were going to die’ I looked over at Vanessa her entire arm covered in blood. She went to move but grimaced and held her left arm to her body. I went to get up but fell back against the rock in pain. He walked over to us but this time with more speed. He looked at me and Vanessa leaning against the boulder in pain and laughed.

“Don’t be so sad cheer up!” He said still partly laughing, “Death is a great thing!” He came over to stand right beside me and squatted down he took out his knife from his pocket and carved into my side ‘DEATH’ then got up and went over to Vanessa. He squatted down beside her took her arm; she grimaced at the pain of it and shrieked a little bit. He slit her hand and she winced at the pain and then he carved NW into her arm. His initials I though.

“LEAVE US ALONE” I yelled but what came out was barley more then a whisper. He looked at me and smiled maliciously. He stomp as hard as he could on my leg and I heard a big crack. I screamed as the pain shot through my body.

Vanessa jerked a little bit beside me and I saw her close her eyes. This was so the end of us. Just then something ran across the field it looked like a person. He stopped and looked at us he looked like he was in pain. It was hard to make out who he was the black dots were invading my eyesight again.

“It’s okay, you’re going to be fine I called an ambulance their on there way” He said. It was a very familiar voice…. Who was it? It was too hard to think thought my head hurt too much but the last thing I could remember was the sound of sirens and a man saying to me over and over “Its okay you’re going to be fine”.

The End

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