The Fight


Vanessa Den:


I wake up to the scream of the wind and the pit-a-patter of the rain. Weird. The entire week was beautifully sunny. Now this sudden storm.

What a lovely choice to die in.

No. I am not going to die today. He will though. I plan on it. We both do.

I stretch and yawn, couldn't get a wink of sleep last night. Talked to Bree for an hour, but that's about it. I basically stared at the ceiling. Breathing. Counting the minutes until dawn. Bree promised to call when it was time to go. I shuffled out to the kitchen, only to find another note from my mom. Great. Not even here to say goodbye to me. I sighed and walked to the fridge, peered in but decided I wasn't in the mood to eat. I walked to my chair and sat there, staring at nothing like I have for a while now.

An hour later, I hear the familiar sound of the up-beat tunes of my cell phone. I run to my room and answer it on the second ring.

“Hello?” I asked breathlessly.

“Meet me on the field.” Bree muttered.

“ Sure, be there in ten minutes.”

We say our goodbyes quickly and hung up. That was short. I think to myself.

I get dressed in my comfiest pair of jeans, purple shirt and running shoes. I took a deep breath, and walked out the door. I was instantly in a whirlpool of wind, and rain. The storm was getting worse. But I had to get to the field. We had to finish this once and for all, before everyone in town is gone.

I am instantly wet from the rain, but freezing isn't my highest priority right now. God, why didn't I bring a jacket? I put that behind me as I finally see Bree , sitting cross legged while a storm flies around her. I walk up to her and poke her arm. She looks up and smiles weakly.

“Ready to do this?” I asked in a strong voice.

She nods and we turn towards the forest.

The End

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