May The Fight Begin.


Bree Williams:

It's Spring break


And as the days pass by I began to notice an improvement to our control over our gifts. I can now see the Night Watcher when ever I want without him knowing. It comes in handy when we are trying to avoid him. Day after day me and Vanessa would train and test our powers in her backyard while her parents were at meetings. We still have to learn what our powers are actually capable of doing at their maximum but for now that is unimportant.

“Vanessa, I think we should test our powers out on a tree or bear one day” I say with lots of humor. Vanessa laughs blankly but continues to stare at nothing. I know shes scared but hell I am too! You don't see me crying. As the days go by the worse the news continues to get. So far half of our class has died. They continue to find the bodies of them in the forest but so far they haven't found Drake's. Which I find really dump because the local police are rather to stupid or are to distracted by boxes of donuts.

One sunny day me and Vanessa are in her backyard, once again. This time we are testing our powers on each other. Vanessa stands at the ready across from me. I start to star at her and try to focus but the tree behind her starts to sway crazily and I look at it. The second I look at the tree Vanessa goes flying into it.

“Awesome! I never knew I could do that!” I scream out in joy. I start parading around her backyard for a minute then turn my attention back to Vanessa. “V? You okay?”

She groans in pain and buts her thumb up, “I'm okay!” She calls back.

I think for a minute then I'm back at her. “Its time.” I called to her and I watch as her face shows three expressions; Shocked, scared, and 'I'm cool, I'm cool, lets win this thing!'

“Next week we go after him and kill him! He will not kill us or anyone else!” I yell with hope, but deep down I know someones going to die most likely me.

The End

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