Vanessa Den:


It's just me and Bree, sitting a some swings at the school. We don't talk. We don't swing. I think it's because we both now know that we have to kill him. But the problem is that we have no idea how we'll do it or if it will work. I haven't told Bree this, and usually we share everything to each other, but this I could never tell.

I'm doubtful. I mean, I have a pretty good idea what might happen, and it's not good. We might die! And I'm scared.

Suddenly I hear footsteps coming towards us. I look up from my feet to see Drake, with his hands in his jeans pockets, strutting towards us with a slight smile playing on his lips. “Oh, god.” I hear Bree mutter under her breath. I poke her arm and whisperer, “ He doesn't look mad. Wonder what he wants...” Drake takes the swing closest to us and grins.

“ Hello ladies.”

I raise one eyebrow. Bree looks at me with a confused look glued to her face. I turn to Drake and sigh. “ Um, Drake? Why are you suddenly being so nice to us? A couple of days ago you would have been totally pissed at us still...”

He shrugged. “ I guess I overacted. And I was lying last time. Sorry.” He gave me and Bree a hopeful gaze. Bree sighs and says, “ Fine, I forgive you. But now I'M mad at you for lying.” I nod in agreement with her. Drake doesn't seem to care. He just flashes a bright grin in triumph. He is so confusing.

“Hey want to go get a monster at the store? My treat!” Drake says after a moment of awkward silence. I grin. “ Now, that is something I can't say 'No.' too.” We get off the swings and start to make our way to the side walk when Bree trips over a simple thing. A rock. And she goes falling




onto the hard concrete, where she gets a nasty cut on her right knee. “Ow! Oh crap, I ripped my jeans.” I rolled my eyes, and start to make my way to her to help her up when Drakes there in a flash. He bend downs to help her up but stops in mid bend. He looks like he's in pain. Bree is waiting on the ground impatiently, her hand stuck out in the open space between them. Suddenly, Drakes on the ground, bending over her knee. He's eyes are a bright vibrant red. His face looking hungry.

Holy snicker doodles! He wasn't kidding on the vampire thing! But before his lips could touch her bloody knee, a figure emerged from the bushes near by and stabs Drake. Drake makes a gurgle sound,

eyes go wide then falls to the ground.


I scream, run to Bree and help her up before the man could get her. Then I recognize the figure. It was the night watcher. Was he trying to save Bree's life. My question was answered when he yelled at Drake's dead body, “ No! She's all mine! I will posses her powers, not you!” Bree and I are half running backwards, not able to take our eyes off him. He looks up, and smirks. “You're welcome.” He whispers. Then disappears into the darkness.

The End

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