Bree Williams:

I stared at the tv screen to shocked to do anything else. 

"Oh My god Bree! This is crazy!" Vanessa almost shouted

I couldn't handle this. I got up and ran out the door forgetting my shoes and ignoring the despret shouts from Vanessa calling my name. I didnt stop running except when i fell but i got right back up and ran and ran till i got to my house.  I ran up the stairs and grabbed the box of salt from the kitchen. I started salting all the windows and doors in the house and poured a salt circle around my bed and a huge thick one around the couch then another infrom of the tv.  I was scared.  I knew in my heart it was him how was doing this. The police would come up with some explanation but in the end they would be wrong unless they thought that a demon was murdering people so he could get me.  I sat there on the couch terrifyed of the things going on.  I needed answers and i needed them fast.  I grabbed the salt off the seat beside me and went to the computer i pured a circle around the chair and desk.  I sat down and got straight to work.  I went onto the internet and then google.  I typed in 'Paranormal Accurances' .  I clicked on the wikipedia link and scanned the page.  I stopped as one word kept screaming its name at me.  Clairvoyant.  I clicked on the link and read.  'Clairvoyant: visions of the future or paranormal activity.  Clairgutance: Tasting things not every one can.  Most people will taste things of there surronding without putting the object in their mouth.  Clairsentience:  Having a feeling that something will happen.  Alout like Clairvoyance but you dont see anything buy you may have a bad feeling.  Clairaudience: Having the appilaty to hear paranormal activity or a quiet sound that others cannot pick up.  Clairalience:  Being able to smell a substance from a past activity or something in the air that is quite faint.  Claircognizance:  Knowing when something will happen'. This was INSANE! All of those things applied to me and Vanessa. 

I dialed Vanessa's number and waited:

ring, ring, ring.

ring, rin-

"Hello?" Answered the voice on th other line.

"V, its me. Come to my house ASAP! I think i know whats wrong with us. Byes!"  I hung up i didnt need a reply i just needed to show this to my best friend.

A few minutes later there was an anxious knock on the door. I ran down the stairs and flung the door open.

"B, wha-" Vanessa started buti cut her off

"Vanessa, you have to come read this" I said runing up the stiars i got the right web page up and offered her the chair.  I waited as she read what the screen had to say.

"You think?" She asked in a baby voice

I went serious then. "Yes i do.  I thik we have all of those things. Look at the facts V!! We are gifted and these are our gifts!" I said

"Your right. What do we do now then?" She asked

I thought about that for a second then replied.

"We have to kill him"

The End

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