Bad News

Vanessa Den:

I woke up screaming. Again. However , this was a different dream.

It was in the same scenery alright, but the way he acted, was different. Instead of screaming out words to us from anger, he whispered. Taunting us. Scaring us...

Preparing us?

I don't know. This is all way too confusing.  Bree is usually the one who knows this stuff. She is the one who has more powerful gifts then I do, but it all ends in the same way.

I jumped out of my bed, sweat clinging to my forehead, and made my way to the kitchen. Halfway there, I heard a knock on my door. I took one glance and groaned. It was Drake. And he looked mad. I stomped down the stairs, unlocked the door and swung it open. He was instantly at a rant about how he didn't like being called a liar and such. After a couple of minutes of this which I got bored instantly, I slammed the door in his face and walked back to the kitchen. Waiting for me was a note from my mom.

Dear Vanessa,

Me and your dad have gone out to a meeting. Watch over the dog! And clean up anything you make! Lots of hugs,


Of course mom was out for a meeting. It's Saturday isn't it? I shuffled over to the fridge and got out a carton of eggs, some butter and ketchup. Time for some eggs.

The sound of eggs being burnt filled the kitchen and calmed my nerves. The smell overtook the musky aroma instantly and I felt back at home. A couple of minutes later, they still weren't cooked yet, I felt mad. I was hungry! Suddenly, the flame under the pan grew larger and the eggs started to cook faster. My eyes turned huge with surprise.

 How the hell did I do that?

One moment later, they were done, but I was so comfy in my chair that I didn't want to get up.Weird thing is, is that they flew out of the pan by them selves, landing perfectly on a plate. I nearly crapped my pants!What the hell was going on? I ran towards the stove, and saw that the flame was gone, the eggs were perfect and I was freaked out!

Suddenly, I heard another knock on the door, but this one sounded more upbeat then Drakes. Buddy, my dog, was barking loudly at the door, and I could see it was Bree. I did welcomed her in, but she didn't respond to my hello. She ran up the stairs and was gone. I chased after her, only to find Bree pacing back and forth in the living room, eating my plate of eggs. My stomach growled but I ignored it.

“What's up Bree? Why are you so anxious?” I laughed as I sat down to watch her. She shook her head rapidly while still pacing.

“ Oh god, V. I had a night mare again. But this time, he took a different route. He whispered death to me, and told me death was my punishment just 'cause I have these powers. And you know what, I don't even want them? But I don't want to die and...and...”

She ran out of things to say for her babble. She fell into her chair looking quiet tired. I know my face must of looked surprised but also understanding. That's probably why she gave me a concerned and confused look. Bree crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair, waiting for me to speak.

“ I kind of, had the same dream as you.” I mumbled as I played with my lock of my hair. Bree gasped.

“Really? You too?!” I just nodded.

" Ohmygod, I can't believe this I -i mean....” Her voice was droned out from another voice. I turned my head slightly to see a news reporter Kevin Newman talking about the latest news updates.

 “ Today we are sorry to report the discovery of Tom Gerrate body in the local lake. Police have searched his home for any evidence for this murder but to no avail, there was nothing to be found. We'll keep you updated if police find any suspects for this terrible crime.”

My heart was now pounding in my chest at a dangerously high rate.

“ Vanessa? Hellllllo? Are you even listening to me?” Bree's annoyed voice brought me back from the TV to face a annoyed Bree. It was only a second before I shushed her down and looked back to the TV. Kevin Newman had already moved onto a new topic, but it was very similar with the police case.

“...another kidnapping has taken place. Somewhere around 4:56 PM Bryan Sawz was last seen at the local park hanging with his friends when a sudden darkness overtook the day. When things began to clear up, Bryan was gone. If you have any sighting of Bryan, please contact your local police station and give every detail of the scene. If you spot Bryan please know that he has short brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, weighs a-” Bree turned to look at me at the exact same moment I turned to look at her.

 “ The dream.” I gasped. Bree clasped a hand over her mouth to hold back a scream. It wasn't just an abnormal coincidence we both had the same dream.

It was a warning to both of us from him.

The End

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