Bree Williams:

I sat in bed reading my book trying to escape sleep.  I hated sleeping. So much time was wasted on sleep and it allowed me to be an open target and i was sure i was going to have a horrible dream.  Unfortuantly i couldnt outrun sleep forever at around 1:06 am i gave into the thick blanketing darkness of sleep.

I was at the feild with Vanessa we were just standing there. Waiting.  Why started to walk slowly to the forest where we were soon lost wandering thorugh the trees and branches.  I heard him whisper death to me over and over again and soon just like his laugh had before it surronded me but this time i had to escape. 

"Come to me! Death is your punishment its what you deserve! No one but I should possess your gifts! Come to me and get your reward or watch as the ones you know die in pain" He kept saying over and over to me.

I woke up screaming at 5:27 am, hair stuck to my face with sweat, pajamas stuck to me like glue. 

I had to warn Vanessa soon this was getting out of control.

i got up and opened my window for some air and saw 3 ravens right outside my window i backed up slowly an plopped down on my bed.  I grabbed my baby blanket off the end of the bed and curled up with the blanket draped over me, barely covering me completely.  And didnt fall back asleep.

The End

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