Ranting and Raving


Drake Jones:


I got up, still grimacing from the sudden kick. I can't believe they thought I wasn't telling the truth! I would never lie to them! Well, except for if it would help me get a date with one of them then , yeah. I would lie...

God, why does Vanessa have to be SO stubborn? It makes me infuriated when she starts with her attitude and stuff. And Bree? She just thinks I'm a loser. Like, I don't have friends. Which isn't true. Like I have my vampyer friend, Gorge. Then I have the coven. They all look up to me, even though they're not that lower of a level then me.

But when I'm in human form, I get teased and bullied. I get put down and walked over like a doormat. I hate humans.

I was making my way home when I started listing all the things I wished were mine:

-I wish everyone looked up to me; Vamps AND humans.

-I wish Vanessa and Bree believed me.

-I wish my little sister didn't tease me when I talked to Vanessa on IM

- I wish I could get a date

and while I'm at it...

- I wish I had a pony.

The End

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