A little extra help.

Bree Williams:

I started to walk away i need to be anywhere but here when Vanessa caught my arm and spun me around. I was still half blind and confused and the motion was so suddel that i fell on my butt.  A hand was infront of me offering me help up and i accepteced the help. I got up and brushed the dirt off my pants.

"Thanks" i said, still brushing myself off

"No problem" Said a voice that did not come from Vanessa. I stopped and looked up.  Drake was standing right in front of me.  I meet Drake through Vanessa they went to school togeather last year. He was a year old and was in High School. He didnt have many friends but me and Vanessa were 2 of his friends at least.

"You guys okay?" He asked with a hint of worry in his voice, "I was on my way up to the school to meet you guys when i saw you guys freacking out up here. Thought i should come see what was up. You guys looked pretty freacked out."

"Ya um ya no were fine" I replied in a hurry

"Bree. Just tell him. It doesnt matter to me anyways just tell him what happened" Vanessa chimed in.

"Tell me what?"

I sighed and took a deep breath to get ready to tell him todays mystery.  I sat down on the ground and Vanessa and Drake followed.

"Well i think maybe Vanessa might have gotten possed today, like 10 minutes ago or so" I said this with my umm-you-know-ehh-sorry voice and face.

Drake went still i swear i thought he was dead.

"What happened?" He asked looking at me then Vanessa and back at me again

I told him the story about how we ditched school and came up here and how I got attacked and Vanessa got possesed

"Hmmmmmm" He said, "Well you know im a Vampire Prince"

I looked at Vanessa and she had her typical famous What the hell look on her face.

"Ya and i could get some of the vampires here and we could help you out and kill the demon" He offered

"Ya if your a Vampire Prince, proove it!" Vanessa said in her ya-right attitude

"I cant im a lower level vampire and its unsafe for you two to be around when I you know...."

It was time or my famous move. I rolled my eyes.

Vanessa and I stood up and Drake followed our motion.

"Hey, Drake?" Vanessa said in her innocent voice


Vanessa grabbed Drake by the shoulders and kneed him in the gut. "I hate liars! You should know that!"

We walked away from the scene with Drake laying ont he ground in pain and we looked at each other and we were both thinking the samething.

He is such a damn liar!!

The End

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