Vanessa Den:

“ Ow! What the heck was that for Bree?” I wined as my left cheek stung like crazy. Bree's expression had a wild look to it, but I could also read terror. We stood there looking at each other, me rubbing my cheek, her breathing in little pants.

“ Vanessa? What is the last thing you remember?” Bree asked quickly. I thought back.

“ Well, we called in sick and it worked like a charm. We decided to go for a walk, and we ended up by the same field and forest where we see him and he jumped out of no where and we both fainted.” I gave her a weak smile, thinking how smart I was for remembering it all.

But Bree shook her head. “ No, a few minutes ago, you were standing up perfectly, looking down, and when I called your name, you said “ He's coming.” But it didn't sound like you at all. It sounded like him AND you. Also, your eyes were completely black, no white what so ever. It was scary.” She held her breath as I gave her a WTF look again.

“ Nooo, we fainted and then you slapped me.”

“Only 'cause you were completely creepy!” she protested as she folded up her arms giving me a pitiful look. I looked down at my feet, trying to remember.

 “ But...but I don't recall anything like that!” Bree closed her eyes and rubbed her temple, trying to not freak out. She then opened her eyes real wide and looked at me.

“ Ma-ma-maybe he possessed you!” she was close to screaming. I laughed with no humor.

 “ That's crazy, Bree! He couldn't do that!” I started to walk away when I spun on one foot to look at her. “ He couldn't do that...right?” I asked hopefully thinking my friend might have some answers for us.

She shook her head, and my heart sank. “ Well, then... I guess I can't be around you.” I had hoped for my voice to sound strong, but it didn't. I started to walk away when Bree grabbed my arm.

“ What are you talking about ' can't being around me' ?” Bree said with a pissed off look in her eyes.

“ What if he takes control of me again but this time you wouldn't be able to stop me?! What happens if you get hurt?” My voice sounded sad and I bet my face looked it too.

Bree shook her head. “ I don't care. I just need help finding out who the hell he is.” She took one last look at me , finally let go of my arm and walked away.

The End

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