The forest.

Bree Williams:

I take back the drawing of the......"man" or as i call him, 'The Night Watcher' and put it in my bag to go in my notebook filled with drawings from my visions and what not.

"Your joking, right?" I managed to barely whisper. At this moment I am in complete and utter shock.  So it wasnt just me? He was going after Vanessa to? My mind just couldn't contain this information at the moment.

Vanessa shook her head slowly, "No"

It took me a second to make my brain function again, "Where and when.  This is extremely importsnt i need to know where you see im and when"

She gets up and gets a drinkl of water from the sink. She turns around and faces me.

"Almost every night.  He is rather in a forest or in my backyard or sometimes i just see him walking on a feild a little bit like the one across from the dike!" She says then her eyes grow big filled with shock and fear.

"V, its fine! we'll call the school and say we arent feeling well that we.....," I looked around the room desprate for an answer, "We at some bad sushi!" I spotted a container from last nights take out dinner on their counter from the sushi restraunt down town. 

Vanessa gives me her famous What The Hell look and i give her my i dont know its the best i could think of with a hint of confussion look.  She sighs then gets the phone off the dock.

"You know the school is going to get pretty suspisios with us calling in sick all the time"

"I know and i dont care" I reply.  Vanessa dials the school number and put the phone on speacker. We wait as the phone rings and rings

"Good after noon, Garibaldi Highlands Student speacking" We hear one the other line.

This was my time to shine. You see I'm a very good actor when i need to be like when i really "need" spmething like the next vedio game that just came out or if i want out of playing dodgeball or faking sick.

I put on my im not feeling too good face and voice.

"Hi... its -gag- Bree and Vanessa..... We ate some bad -gag- sushi for lunch and arent doing -gag- to well. I dont -gag- think we will be com.. -gag-.. coming in this afternoon -gag- sorry"

I put the phone to Vanessa and she moans in pain like she has the flu. We are such talented actors when we need to be :) ,  We hear the other line making grossed out sounds.

"Ya umm thats probably a good idea just..... just stay there and dont come to school for today and possibly tomorrow and umm watch tv or something.... Bye!"

The line goes deadon the other line.

"And that my friend is how you get out of school. Now lets go for a little walk"

"Okay" Vanessa says, " Just let me get a sweater, okay?"

"Ya sure ill be on the lawn" i say as i walk out the door

I lay down on the lawn and look up at the sky and think about all the secrets it holds. I start to doze after a minute or so but i was saved by Vanessa who slammed the door awakening me from my thoughts.

"Lets go" She almost yelled

We walked in silence for the most part with the occasional random thought like; "Nice weather" or "I hate math" or "sooo wanna hang out tomorrow?". We passed the school with no problems and headed towards the dike for a place to talk and think things through.

Vanessa stopped randomly half way to our favorite spot, and shut her eyes.

"the forest.... the one in my dreams its near by..." She replyed and opened her eyes.

I shut my eyes at that moment and waited to see if any of my other gift would come help me. Luckily  my clairalience came to help me and i smelt a horrible smell. It smelt like decaying or in other words death.

I walked have blind into the forest bordering the trail and within seconds emerged on the feild with Vanessa following close behind me.  I walked a little more away from the forest, it gave me a unsafe errie feeling.  I turned to face the feild and scanned it. I saw nothing but i knew just knew this was where all of my visions took place.

I looked at Vanessa to see her staring at me. I was sure i had my confussed/worred/are-you-thinkin-what-I'm-thinkin face. She nodded once and thats all i needed i started to walk towards the deepest part of the forest.

When i saw him.

I staggered back a few steps then fell to the gorund my knees hated me at this moment and i looked over to see Vanessa also on the ground. I guess our weird feelings  were kicking in. His booming laugh started again and soon had us surronded. 'Great idea, Bree" i thought to myself, 'Go towards the danger, awesome just pure smartness!'

He started to walk towards us and i screamed he held a fimiliar object in his hand. It was the knife. Dripping with blood.

"Payback" He siad in an evil demonic voice. Then all i saw was darkness. After what felt like hours my eye sight came back i look around to see vanessa leaning against a tree on the outside of the forest. She walked towards me and stopped a metre or so away from me.  She stood ther for a second then helped me up then as soon as  i was up took a step back.

"Vanessa?" i whispered

"He;s coming for you!" It was his voice with a mixture of hers. i couldnt think of anything to do so i did the first thing that occered to me. I slapped her.

The End

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