Vanessa Den and Bree Williams are very gifted. Given special gifts very few possess. Now, as the evil demon that has been haunting Bree since she was a mere child terrorizes their home town, they are left with but one choice. They will have to learn how to control their powers and destory him.
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Bree Willaims:

My mind started to play pictures in my mind but i knew far too well to think that i was just day dreaming. I was walking through a forest. The same one i had time and time before in my mind. I heard his laugh surronding me. I turned every which way trying to find where it was coming from with no luck. I started to run towards the clearing then stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the image before me. He wore black pants and a black hoodie that had the hood pulled up to hide his evil eyes, and wore a smirk plastered on his face. In his right hand was an object he always carried with him. A knife.  It was dripping blood onto the earth under it. I watched both his face and knife too scared to do anything else. I heard his laugh again booming through the forest as the scene before me started to fade away into darkness.

".......Now you need to find the falue of 'x' before continuing on to the next step" I hear Mr.Gerrate my math teacher and principal say in the distance.

I blinked a few times and squinted waiting for my eyes sight to come back to me.  When my eye sight was back i looked around at my surrondings.  I was back in the classroom surronded by my friends and fellow class amtes and a disgusting musky smell that always seemed to haunt this room. I was safe.....For now.

"Bree? Bree-ee? What did you see?" Said a familiar friendly voice.  It was my best friend Vanessa. We both shared specail gifts that only we knew about.

I waited a minute to make sure my voice had came back before speacking.

"i saw him again."

The End

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