Stalked-chapter 1

a brief chapter about a scared girl who is running but doesn't know where to go.(please don't mind the length of it)

I ran. He ran after me. I tried to gt away, but he was insient. I ran for my life. You could ask anyone, they would tell you I can not run fast. Execpt for now. I'm sprinting through yards, crashing into rocks and trees. All I knew was that I had to get away. Away from everyone and everything. A branch hit the front of my face and I tripped over a big root. I stumbled to get up. A humougios tree, at least three feet wide, was blocking my way.

 "Freeze, Stevie," he commaned. I heard the ching of the gun and turned slowly. The fog looked blue in moonlight. He was in shadow, but the gun was visible. Dead leafes surruned us, making it easier to know if we move. A breeze blew my hair around my face. I shouldn't die at 15. Not here, now. I should with family and friends, not with a pshco. Die when I'm old from a naturl cause, not young and from a bullet.

 "You should have stayed with me, trusted me, but no. You had to go and run. Well I am so sorry i have to do this," he said.

 The gun went off.

The End

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