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Bexley City University

20 miles outside of Bexley City

Pop: 250 Faculty 3000 Students


Richard Graham was packing the last of his books into his bag, the lecture on The Modern Serial Killer, having just ended,

“Yo, Rich!” called a voice from across the hall, Rich looked up to see his friend Yashotto, Yash for short, weaving in and out the closely packed desks to reach him, “So, we set for this weekend?”

“Should be” Rich replied, “But I make no promises about the girls, you know what their like about remembering stuff, they’ll pass one clothes store and forget the beer, snacks, their friends.”

Yash laughed, “Maybe I should text them, no party without beer and babes, man?”

“Is the dorm ready?”

“Dorm, dude the whole block is holding an open door policy, this thing is gonna be huge.”

“Excellent, tell me someone is getting some weed?” Rich asked anxiously,

“Don’t worry bro, I got everything set.”

“Cool, then........... bring on the party!

The fresher’s were celebrating the start of the new semester, and surviving the last, apparently it was tradition and considered bad luck not to celebrate survival once before break and then again after, no one argued.

In a few hours the University would be echoing with the sound of loud music and screaming, drunken students.  They had better enjoy the fun of being young and free now, because events are unfolding that will change the course of many of their lives.....................and deaths.



Bexley City


Through twenty miles of countryside, past the lights and activity hive of the city streets and shops, buildings and homes, down through the gloom of the slums and out to the water front, a small disused storage house is lit by a small table lamp, surrounded by five men, all dressed in black.

The men have met in secret to discuss the plans for the hunt, they know their quarry is close, closer than it has been to them in years, and it is the last.  When they find this one last abomination, their life’s work, the mission of their fathers and their grandfathers will finally be over, the world will be rid of the foul things forever.

“Are we certain it is in human form again?” one of the group asked,

“Yes, they cannot resist the intellect and emotions we posses, they may return to animal or viral form when threatened, so we must remain hidden until we are sure of our target.”

Then another spoke out, “The police are investigating some remains found in an alley in the city, they seem to think it was a person once, there was not a lot left.”

“Then we should start there, we will work in sleeper shifts, two out, three sleeping tonight, three hour shifts.” The second man told the rest, “If the creature is human again it will already be on the lookout for us and be planning to skip country.”

“Or skip form.” The first man continued, the second turned to give him a stern look, “Marshal we cannot assume the creature is looking to take on another form.”

“I think we can” Marshal retorted, “Clinton, these things are immortal, it has forever to act and eternity to wait, it’s patience is limitless, if it really does know, somehow, that we are close again then there is nothing to stop it going back to the oceans for another thousand years, is there?”

“I know old friend, but if we play on assumption, we will fail, we must stick to what we know, all of you, no contact, don’t let it touch you, bite you, do not shoot or stab it and for god’s sake, don’t get any blood on you, total consumption by fire, nothing else......Michael, you and Anthony take the first shift, Michael the alley, Anthony the morgue, don’t take any risks, and do not use your real names anywhere, good luck gentlemen, to us all.”


The End

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