Lightning illuminates the room for a split second before the thunder rolls through the sky.  The room is bare on anything but a dressing table, mirror and the creature sitting in front of it.

Lightning strikes again and the creature looks at its reflection, almost there, almost human, just one more assimilation.

The creature has existed through-out all time, escaping the years by feeding and adapting perfectly to all the changes our world has seen.

When life was nothing more than primordial soup, the waste it expelled, the decadence of creation itself became the creature and its kind.

They escaped evolution by assimilating what they ate.  They became insects and arachnids when the creepers and the crawlers ruled the ruled, feeding off the new species of giant reptiles that evolved they became great, lumbering beasts.  When the Dinosaurs ruled the world they fed off reptiles to become greater still, now they hunted the land, seas and skies.

When the earth began to change, when volcanoes devastated the land and meteors wiped out the Dinosaurs, they turned to the smallest life forms on the planet they infected themselves with viruses, then assimilated the disease and hid from the destruction.

When the earth was renewed, when the giant reptiles had been replaced with huge mammals, fish and birds, they returned, infecting the new life forms then becoming them, stealing their forms and unique abilities to survive the future.

Millions of years would pass before the giant mammals would begin to disappear and a new race would take the earth, the upright apes that came down from the trees to live on the land, who, now hunt the mammals and wear their skin.

The new ones seem strong, they have survived the age of ice, they have accumulated great knowledge and built grand cities across the world, they have made it theirs, and the creature’s kind have their most powerful food source yet, but, it has come at a price.

The humans detected the hunters and fought to kill them, the creature’s are strong and resilient, but the humans are good at killing and do so for more than just food, they found ways to kill the creature’s kind and now this one is the last.

The lightning lights the room and the creature ponders the still spider like eyes and pincers still pushing their way out of its mouth.

It’s last escape had been a close one, the humans had almost caught it, yet by allowing the spider it had found in the basement of the derelict building it had been dwelling in, to bite it, it had past-on its genes and taken the spider, reforming with each human it bit, then as it grew, fed on completely.

It just needed one more, and the night was waiting to be hunted.

The End

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