weeellll it was

well it was me that destroyed your race and I am sorry im  a big fat liar! my coffeehouse gig is a front, and what i really am is a scientist.  A smart, talented, big time scientist.  But while Im all those lovely things, im also a big failure. I thought i had it right, and i didn't, and this is my apology...

this is not i am legend.  i am not will smith or charltonn whatever, or the omega man.  i did not have  a cure for cancer that turned its back on me.  im an ordinary person, with a little secret.  a science secret i guess you could say. i found something one day, you see, that i thought would change the world.  or sorry, worlds.  we have many in this universe, i hope you know that.  i will tell you my secret, but lets go for coffee first!  i like macchiatos, and my friend here likes chai lattes.  its your dollar.  or ten, i guess.

The End

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