I shouldn't be here. I really shouldn't be here.  If you don't believe me then listen up and I'll tell you why.

I'm not usually the kind of person to rush in and involve myself in something that has nothing to do with me.  Especially if the situation could be dangerous or, even worse, embarrassing.  So I'm not entirelly sure why I let myself get dragged into this whole, sorry mess in the first place.  I'm getting ahead of myself though.  I'll start at the beginning, it'll make things easier for both of us.

Wednesday.  It doesn't sound dramatic on it's own does it?  It's not like anyone ever gets out of bed and thinks "Oh god! Not Wednesday!"  But from now on I don't think I'll ever get up on a wednesday without a certain amount of apprehension.  And coffee.  I'll never touch another cup as long as I live.

I'm an Artist, not a very sucsessful ( Or talented I guess ) one, in fact my real mony earning job is in a trendy coffee bar, but it sounds better to say I'm an artist and I like to feed my ego as it's rather undernourished.  I'm also female, in my twenties ( unfortunately the wrong end ) and mostly neurotic.  I guess that's why I'm still single, well that and the fact I have an unerring ability to come across as desperate just in the way I say Hello apparently.

But I'm getting away from myself. I know it's annoying isn't it?  I can't help it though. I have a tendancy to waffle when I'm nervous and sitting here trying to explain to you why it might have looked like it was me who destroyed the whole of your race, but wasn't me, is making me very nervous.  I mean I can barely make a skinny mocha latte without making a mess, nevermind create and detonate a race specific mine.  Look at me, seriously I'm a mess.  This isn't going well is it?

The End

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