Stair way to Heaven When You Havn't Any Feet

I dream of hiking up a mountain to a secret lake no one knows about, where the moon is replicated in a rippleless pond, perfection so close to the touch, yet impossible to contain. The mud, squelching between my toes and oozing up shrieks from within. I want to carve my name in the sand with my toes and leave footprints behind me for the world to know my path. I want to run along the shallow shores and kick up spray to whisk away in the wind. I want to dance in the cool tides and sweep the currents with my body in motion. 

And all these things are freedom to me. All these things so taken for granted. I am tied to the ground by the force that contains all of us. 

But when I escape, I jump higher than even those who are free. It takes strength to take simple steps, but even then its all building up to strides.

A chained person will find reasons to quit, a strong person frees themselves, and takes the pains to climb that stairway to heaven, even despite the odds.

The End

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