Ugh. I hate my life. It completely sucks. I don't think God was really paying attention when he planned my life. Or maybe he was just trying out something new; either way, I hate him.

 Just when I was starting to gain some respects and friends at school, the Powers That Be decide I'm not allowed to be normal. Instead, I have to fight evil mythical creatures, and what's worse is that I'm not allowed to tell anybody. Not even my family.

 I guess I'll just have to let my anger out on the vampires.


 I didn't think they'd make me work on my birthday! I mean, c'mon!

 Sitting on a tombstone, whittling another wooden stake, I was bored as Hell. I was in Highgate Cemetery, which is where I usually get most of my action, but sadly tonight, there were no vampires. I guess I should be thankful, but I was a little bit suspicious. No vampires? That's gotta mean something.

 I decided to call it a night, and go home. I flicked a strand of black hair out of my eye, and left the cemetery.

The End

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