Stage One

This is a story about a boy who has the most normal life. He has a nice family and friends at school, but his brother, Alec, is never around. He's always out, and always at night. So one day, the boy (Aiden) follows his brother, but soon looses him. But his chance happens upon him again, on the way home from school. What is Alec's secret? ...


Now, I'm only sixteen, but I know that vampires aren't real. I mean, c'mon! Vampires are for six years old. But this story completely changed my mind.  This story showed me the truth behind the myth. But I'm not allowed to tell you about that. Yet.

First, I'll delve a little further back into my story. I remember my brother perfectly well, up until he turned sixteen. Before that, he was always there, with my family. Happy. But on his sixteenth year, he started to change drastically. Every single night, he went out with no explanation. The parents didn't care. He was old enough to make his own decisions, apparently. But he started to go out during the day as well. After a while, he was never there any more, and I only remembered his sixteen year old self, even though he was about twenty now.

I don't really know how to tell this story, so I guess I'll just go from Alec's view...

The End

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