Chapter 4-Stacy Is So Beautiful



I walked to school with Stacy. A girl Angela really upset me on the bus today. I felt so alone and useless but Stacy stood up for me. She really did look beautiful. Stacy is so beautiful. She's beautiful every day. I couldn't keep my eyes from how the sunset shone of her hair and how she cheered me up by caring about me on the bus. Her legs. The way she walked, her figure and how she looked so pretty. She's so perfect. Sometimes I wish she could just read my mind. Wish she would ask me out. I liked what I saw is all I'm trying to say. I liked how Stacy gave me secret sympathetic looks. I do hate it how she always knows how I'm feeling sad. Her hugs are magic.

 Then after a long conversation on careers and computer games we both enter the gates of Tynne High.... Gates to hell. I'm doomed!

The End

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