Stacy Asks Darren If He Is Ok On The Bus

(Chapter 3) 

There is a sunset as I wait for the bus. I look behind me and I notice Darren (my geeky best friend). Darrens like a brother to me. He's always on his computer games or listening to ipods. Always isolating himself. You see, he had anorexia. People think it's just girls that get anorexia but it isn't-boys get it as well. Well, it's mine and his little secret. He's getting better though. I support him as much as I possibly can. People bully him for being skinny and it gets to him. Even today, my friend Angela looks him up and down. She laughs evily and wispers loudly in his ear: "Oh here's Mr Sporty! Gay figure going cool for you know Darren? You should eat a burger. Your pathetic. On the latest celebrity diet know? Well it just makes you look gay! It makes you look sick!" She high fives her friend then they snigger and make mean comments.  

I look at my so-called-friend Angela sternly with a look of surprise and disgrace. In a angry voice I command her to shut up. She looks at me with a face of pure fake innocence and asks rudely: "Why hang out with that Mr Freak? Anyhow sorry! Better as well leave you two alone. Invest some mouth wash for him-his breath stinks to. I'm sure I will throw up if you ask him out like ever, he's minging and he's all over you. Buy geek freaks! Chow!" She gets off the next bus stop with a face of thunder, saying:"I think I'll walk the rest!" I wisper to Darren: "You OK?" He wispers moodly:"Will be. Thanks." Then he smiles a huge smile like he wasn't in a mood at all and wispers sweetly in my ear: "You look so nice." Then he walked ahead of me to school. Then comes back and gives me a shy smile. I know we were going to late at school but I didn't care because all I care about is Jeremy feeling Ok.

The End

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