Chapter 2-Darren's Crush On Stacy

I haven't explained how amazing my best friend Stacy is ,have I?Well....

*Her eyes are a lovely dark green which lights up in the dark on boring days or at parties like my kitten Cookies do. She is a bit crazy at times but a bit too daring at times. She's funny though although she is a rebel now and then. Most boys are scared of her. I'm not scared of her though. She really is the best!

*Her smile is the best of all. Her lips are usually a pleasant pink and never cracked. Always shiny from too much lipgloss which ruins her perfect smile which lights up every room like a stagelight. She is my sun.

*She wears bright coloured heart or star shaped earings every day. She's such a girly girl but also such a tomboy. I reckon she would be a great model but she's very sporty and wants to be a combat chef when she's older. I think I watched a programme called Combat Chef or something but I don't know what one is.

*Her hair is long, curly, shiny and is bright funky red. She makes out that she despises her hair but I think secretley she loves her hair. Even my mum secretley envies her hair! She's mad to want her mum to allow her to die her hair boring blond. 

*Her skin is bright white. Never tanned. Always white and alluminating like an angels body would.

*She eats fudge cake and pizza like I do. She's really funny and especially confident.

*She's not stick thin which is brilliant. She has such an amazing curvy figure which I can't help checking out. 

*She wears rock clothes and organic clothes wear! 

*She is funny, sporty, confident, loud, popular and my best friend.

I saw her walk past my house this morning on her way to the bus stop to wait for the bus that will get her to Tynne Side High School. Her uniform suited her but she looked like she was having trouble trying not to trip over in these ridiculous high heels. Why do girls care what they wear? Why don't she just get some good trainers seeing as she's sporty?

I walked to the bus stop by myself and I know it was lame of me but I felt like crying like a very little kid. I'm 15 and I was moved down a year. Stacey is my only friend. I felt really nervous and I'd tried to fake being ill to stay off school but mum threatened to chuck out my Xbox if I didn't get to school that very instant. I know mum isn't getting along with dad at all at the moment. Stacy's popular and I can't stand her so called crush (official dick head of the sixth form year) Jeremy Right. I'm pretty shy and my hair style is a dark brown birds nest. Dad says I got to get a more manly haircut for the girls. No one likes me except from Stacy. My school bag is a pretty cool back pack but is weighs down my back. I'm wearing my hoody over my face so nowone can notice my tear stained face.

The End

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