Stacey The Boy Crazer!

Stacey Robins starts high school but has to go through new experiences that are to do with romance, boys and decision making.
Should she go out with hot sixth former Jeremy Right who will get her more popularity and is the hottest boy at school?
Or her geeky hot best friend Darren who she has liked her since year five?
Read this story to read about Stacys life and find out who she decides to go out with and if she gets the perfect happy ending every fourteen year old girl wishes for-

Chapter 1-Stacy's First Day Of High Schol

"First day of high school!" laughs my mum, enthusiastically bursting into my bedroom without knocking and my chocolate labrador puppy called Noodle leaps onto me. I reply politely "Cool mum!" and leap out out of bed to get dressed. I look into my mirror and I look perfect! My mascara and blusher is actually noticeable for a change. The school uniform shows off my curvy figure well. My hair is slightly curly red and smells of strawberry shampoo. I say:"Cool!" while smiling at my reflection from the mirror.

I walk out the front door munching on my strawberry and white chocolate breckfast bar while drinking bannanna and strawberry milkshake out the Ceebos bottle. Swaying my hips remembering to apply my own hand made pink strawberry flavoured vaseline and making sure I have pulled up my skirt as far as possible so my well shaven long legs are on show. When I'm finally around the corner (out of sight from parents) I take off my geeky school shoes they bought me and put on my £50 black high heels. Everything is going to be perfect!

Goal 1: Give my teachers a sweet smile  and make sure I trick them into thinking I'm a very intelligent well behaved swot. 

Goal 2: Flash my eyelashes at all the sixth formers and flirt!

Goal 3: Try to spot hotty alert sixth former Jeremy Right who hangs out wth my big sister Lacy Robins. Jeremy Right is so, so cool! He's so the one for me. He's my ticket to popularity. Stacy loves Jeremy. 

*I never know, in 10 years I'll probably be Stacey Right. Stacey Right = Jeremy Right= Love, Romance and decisions.

The End

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