St. Mullen's Village of MysteryMature

St. Mullen is a small village with a big secret.

The ground shook below their feet. Violently and vigrorously. One by one the group screamed and one by one the group fell to the world below. This quintet were all residents of the small village of St. Mullen. A small village with a very big secret.

"Is everyone okay" shouted Spencer Riddle. He was always first to speak, with the courage to act and the heart to care, Spencer was somwhat a leader of their group. He wafted muddy dust from in front of his face and helped his dear friend to her feet. She was Siobhan Dorpha, one of the smartest girl you will ever meet. Of course, it was her who realised their surroundings first and calculated where they were.

"It seems there is a tunnel that we never even knew about hidden right under our village" she deduced, wandering through the dark pathway. Their only source of light was from the hole they had just made.

"That's great Siobhan" grumbled Maurice Stewart, clambering to his feet "but how do we get out?" That was a very good question that Siobhan herself could not answer at this moment. It took the usual Stewart Trantrum to inspire her. 

"Maybe we're going to die" Ewan Stewart whinged, clutching his chubby face severely and gasping for breath "We are aren't we, we're going to die, I'm too young to die"

"Shut up Ewan!" Thea Bryansite hissed raising her hand. She completed this unique and adventurous quintet. She was known for her anger and her red face which badly clashed with her ginger hair. It was only red at times of irritation and panic, much like this very moment.

"Nobody is going to die" Siobhan sighed, comforting the worried child that was Ewan, "We're perfectly safe"

"Really?" Maurice stuttered. Maurice was usually filled with a somewhat arragent confidence that allowed him to speak his mind clearly. This was all gone. His tanned face had been drained of every last morsal of colour. He lifted one arm, and from that lifted one finger. One finger used to point into the darkness and into the unknown. Everyone stared to where he was pointing. Stared towards the thing that filled Maurice with fright. Stared towards the pair of eyes glaring back at them.     

The End

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