"I. . .think you've got the wrong guys." Derek said, feigning surprise. "Those aren't our names. I'm Terry Exen, he's James McFee."

"Really?" The policeman said. "Can I see some ID from both of you?"

"Sure." Derek flipped out his wallet and gave the officer his drivers license. Jerry followed suit with surprising ease.

The police officer examined both driver's licenses thoroughly, checking them as if looking for the marks of a fake. "Have you got records to back these?"

"Course we do." Jerry said.

"We'll be checking those out. If you'd like to step outside for a moment, Mr. . . .McFee, I'd like a statement about the accident."

"Okay." Jerry nodded, and the two of them stepped out.

"Dude, what are you doing here?" Jerry exclaimed. "And what's with the cop's uniform? You know Derek'll kill me if I talk to you again. Thank you." he added once he was handed back his phony (but very real looking) drivers' license. "Do you realize that I only recognized you because of your eyes? Derek didn't even notice!"

The "policeman" chuckled at Jerry's expression.

"Sorry, I just needed to know if everything was okay. Did he really not recognize me?"

"He doesn't, Luther, or you'd be a gonner by now. I can't tell you what I don't know."

"Then, what is Matthieu LaMensan doing here?" Luther demanded.

"It's totally unrelated, I promise. Now will you just get outta here, man?"

"I will, in just a second." He pulled three small vials from his pocket. "Give these to Derek. They're from Szodo and I. They'll help with his headaches."

"How did you know about-"

"Shut up. Cassandra's still willing to redeem him, if you know what I mean. I don't understand her. Derek would be a goner by now if anyone but her was our leader, and he knows it."

"But how long have you been tailing me?"

"Since you guys left town five years ago. But I just caught up with you now." Luther said as if it were an accomplishment.

"You can't do anything to us in a hospital, buddy. How do I know that these things won't kill him?"

"Ask him about the incident in Reinfeld Park when our team first assembled, and you'll understand."

Jerry blinked three times. "So this is a thing like. . ."

Luther said nothing, only shrugged his shoulders.

"Fulfill any debts you have so that nothing stands between you and a traitor. Sabre law." Jerry recited. "Derek told me about that. Is this one of those things, or do you actually feel sorry for him?" he asked.

"Tell Derek to consider that debt paid and full. We won't let you walk away next time, Extra." Luther fled the scene.

Jerry looked up, and saw someone lurking at the corner.

Someone a little bit familar. . . . .Wasn't that. . ?

Jerry forced himself back inside the room, trying to remain calm.

"What was that about?" Derek asked.

"Nothing. The guy had to leave. Some sort of emergency. Anyway, I told him he had the wrong guy, and I get that a lot." Jerry lied.

"Oh." was Derek's reply."Is that why he used our real names?" he asked, lowering his voice. Matthieu raised an eyebrow, as if amused.

"Dunno. Guess it was a mistake." Jerry shrugged his shoulders. "Told you it was the best." he added, tapping the ID.

The End

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