Leaving Milanesque

"Chris was the name of Valerie's husband." Manfred told them in the car.

"Was? Is he. . . .dead or something?" Jerry asked nervously, remembering how Valerie's eyes had glazed over. Whether it was from jealously, rage, or surprise, he couldn't tell.

"If he was dead, we wouldn't be meeting him. Christopher Mason was a Wrecker who, for some reason, had no real taste for violence. No one knows how he got into the gang or why he wanted to join. He joined as a nobody and vanished as one." Derek explained. "He's famous, just for being married to her."

"How do you know that much?" Manfred asked.

"I said that Valerie Mason was still famous when I joined the Sabres." Derek reminded him irritably. "I didn't tell her that I had heard of her husband, too."

"Are you scared of her?" Jerry exclaimed. "Because, I mean, she's like a bomb that could go off any second-"

"She's volatile." Manfred corrected.

"I'm not scared of her. That's idiotic!" Derek snapped.

"Whatever, Derek. Just saying, it seem possible-"

Jerry froze in midsentace as Derek whipped around in his seat to glare at Jerry.

"Okay, okay, I get it! Cool your jets. . ." said Jerry, who was trying not to shrink into the seat as Derek's glare intensified.

"Will both of you calm down?" Manfred said as they came to a red light, motioning for Derek to turn around. "It'll all make sense when we meet up with him in Metro. Just try not to kill eachother, or kill me in the process, until then. Please."

Derek turned around, and proceeded to stare out the window. Jerry sighed deeply and loosened his hold on his laptop.

As time wore on, conversation was kept up to pass the time.

"How long's the drive to Remina again?" Jerry asked.

"We should be there in plenty of time to catch our flight." Manfred replied.

"I don't think we've been to Remina, have we?"

"I haven't even been there." Manfred replied.

"I went there during my Sabre training." Derek remarked.

Manfred nodded. Remina, like Metro, was a Sabre hotspot. Especially for taking new recruits.

"Y'never told me that." Jerry said accusingly.

"Was it important for you to know?" Derek returned.

"Not really. I'm just curious." Jerry shrugged.


An hour later, they exited Milanesque and drove along the highway in silence.

Jerry, who had fallen asleep, woke to the car spinning out of control.

Then, momentary blackness.

The End

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