Jerry blurted out both their stories in just a few short minutes:

"Back in Metro five years ago, I was an Extra and Derek was rising in the Sabre ranks. Then the Man's case came up and we all got swept into it. People got kidnapped and killed, and I almost died, too.

"The Sabre leader, Zeke somebody, got shot in the head and then we all got dragged to Fallenshire by a bunch of Wreckers. After that, Derek's friends rescued us under order of their new leader, and we were eventually freed. Now, she's trying to hunt us down for reasons that the Man won't tell us.

"That's the short version of the short version." He said as they picked up their cards.

"Huh." Valerie shook her head. "You're lucky my mind moves fast, or I wouldn't have understood half of what you just said. The Sabre leader's trackin' you down. That's why you're heading back to one of their hotspots? Real smooth, kid." she glared at Manfred. "'Less I'm mistaken, that's a bad idea if you don't have protection."

"No, don't worry. We have protection." Manfred assured her. "Just not the kind you'd normally have."

Valerie smirked, but her eyes still glared at him. "Who'd ya ask, kid? The MTA folks?"

Manfred shook his head. "No. Someone better."

"Who? I gotta at least know who you're stayin' with, to trust if they'll keep ya safe or not."

Manfred sighed. "We'll be in contact with Chris by the time we land in Metro. Does that satisfy you?"

Valerie dropped the cards in her hand.

"Chris. . . ?" Derek and Jerry glanced at eachother.

The End

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